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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Today, the famous animator Konstantin Bronzit turns 55. Two of his most recent work dedicated to the astronauts. The first earned him a nomination for "Oscar", the second hit him in the shortlist. "RG" talked with Konstantin Bronzit on the eve of the anniversary
Animator, screenwriter and Director Konstantin Bronzit cosmonautics Day marks 55 years. In honor of the birthday of one of the main animators of our time "RG" prepared a small test
"Soyuzmultfilm" announced the launch of the online marathon of cartoons. During the "Saussuritization" will show the winners of the international festivals, and, in most cases - the premiere
Russian festival of animated film summed up the results of work. The winner in the category "Animated series with the greatest international potential" was a Russian TV series for girls about cooking "Magic kitchen"
National entertainment award "Ikar" was named the first winners of 2020. In the nomination "Master" the award will be presented to Leonid Nosyrev, and the producer of the year will be named Artem Vasiliev - one of the creators of the series "Three cats"