Konigsberg was stormed: who should get a medal for the capture of the city

the fortress ‘ Commandant, General Otto Lasch, who signed the instrument of surrender and gave the order to subordinate the troops to stop the senseless resistance, he was stripped by Hitler of all titles and awards in absentia and sentenced to death – along with his entire family.

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In April of ‘ 45, these details were not known in the units of the 3rd Belorussian front and assigned to help him a so-called Samland group of forces, collected from disbanded on the eve of the 1st Baltic front. In those days published in Newspapers and read out before the formation of the order of the Supreme commander of No. 333 “About the completion of the defeat of the Konigsberg group of German troops and the capture of the fortress and the main city of East Prussia königsberg”.

In the order it was reported that at midnight on the 9th and 10th of April, “Moscow on behalf of the Motherland saluted the valiant troops of the 3rd Belorussian front” 24 artillery salvoes from 324 guns. And as was the custom then, were called the names of commanders and generals, whose troops and subordinate part he distinguished himself in battles for the conquest of königsberg. On behalf of the Supreme commander of them all was thanking.

as a result of this order and subsequent submissions 98 compounds was named “Königsberg”, 156 regiments, divisions, corps marked orders. The awards presented to several thousands of distinguished soldiers and officers, many posthumously, and 235 participants in the assault were awarded the title hero of the Soviet Union.

Two months later and exactly a month after the Victory, June 9, 1945, will the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR establishing the medal “For the capture of Koenigsberg”.

The same decree established three more: “For the capture of Budapest”, “For capture of Vienna” and “For taking of Berlin”. Reward provides that “all direct participants of the heroic assault and capture of Budapest, Konigsberg, Vienna and Berlin, as well as the organizers and leaders of combat operations in the capture of these cities.”

The “Position…” about these medals said that they “awarded to soldiers of the red Army, Navy and troops of the NKVD.” And awards “made on behalf of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on the basis of documents attesting to actual participation in the assault and capture of these cities issued by commanders and chiefs of military medical institutions”.

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There is an important clarification about the order of delivery: “Persons in military units of the red Army and Navy, – commanders of military units, and individuals retired from the army and Navy, – regional, urban and regional military commissioners residence of the winners”. Other refinements or constraints to this account in the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on June 9, 1945, and approved at the same “Position…” on medals for the capture of cities does not contain.

According to the 1987 medal “For the capture of königsberg” was listed awarded about 760 thousand participants of war. The alphabetical list but not available here.

How many medals or certificates awarded to date, for sure no one is taken. In the awards Department of the Main personnel Department of the Ministry of defense RossAI attribute this to the fact that the medals for the capture and liberation of the cities were not a personal account, and do such medals did not have sequence numbers.

However, it does not deprive each of us of the right and the opportunity to find out who from the family of veterans or likely to be awarded the medal “For the capture of königsberg” and understand why the award happened or not the medal was presented.

If you know for sure or admit that you are interested in a man took (and) part in the winter battles of 1945 in East Prussia, you need to find out (specify) in what kind of military unit (division, brigade, regiment, etc.) was he or she from 23 January to 10 April 1945. In the periodization of the great Patriotic war these dates indicate the active phase of the fighting for the conquest of königsberg. And they recommended to navigate the archives and military commissariats in the responses to requests.

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to Know the number of military units can be on the military card, military registration card, award documents, certificates of injury, notice of the death, the address field of the mail if such documents are preserved in the family archive and/or the military enlistment office at the place of residence or enlistment. The second available today of digitized archival documents on the awarded wounded killed died of wounds missing in captivity. They are digitized and open to self-search resources to “exploit people”, “people’s Memory”, HBS “memorial”. Set the piece? Now the most interesting. We show an example of infantry units and formations, who took part in the battle for KenIsberg and eligible for awards. Here’s the full list. The abbreviation “GW.” means that the compound or the part of the guards.

Control the shooting Stin 3 guards., 5 HS., 8 HS., 11 HS., 13.HS., 16 GW., 20, 29, 35, 36, 36 GW., 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 53, 54, 60, 65, 69, 70, 71, 72, 81, 90, 94, 58, 103, 108, 113, 116, 121, 124, 128.

Infantry division – 1 HS., 2 GW., 2, 3 HS.,5 HS., 5, 11 HS, 16 HS., 17 guards., 17, 18 GW 19 GW., 20, 24 HS., 26 GW., 26, 31 guards., 32 GW. 42, 46, 48 HS., 50 GW., 51, 54 GW., 54, 55 GW., 61, 62, 63, 70, 73, 83 HS., 84 guards., 86, 87 guards., 88, 90, 91 GW., 96 GW., 96, 97, 102, 110, 115, 120 GW., 124, 126, 130, 129, 137, 139, 142, 144, 152, 153, 154, 157, 159, 169, 170, 173, 174, 176, 182, 184, 191, 192, 194, 199, 205, 215, 216, 217, 220, 221, 235, 238, 250, 251, 262, 263, 269, 277, 281, 283, 290, 307, 319, 321, 324, 325, 326, 331, 334, 338, 343, 348, 352, 371, 372, 380, 381, 385, 395, 33 GW, 358, 213.

Fortified areas – 91, 152, 153, 161.

independent parachute battalions 391, 422.

Motorcycle reconnaissance company – 1, 6, 7.

Frontline small shelf spare – 202, 205, 206, 208.

replacement Army infantry regiments – 9, 18, 58, 145, 152, 185, 186, 197, 199, 203, 212, 231, 146.

Individual penal battalions – 10, 16, 29, 38.

Assault infantry battalion 29.

Separate regiment reserve officers 12.

If this is mentioned in the list which was of interest to you people, so he could be or were awarded. And you for confirmation should contact the Central archive of the defense Ministry (142100, Moscow region, Podolsk, St. Kirov, 74).

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If your loved one fought in the artillery or tank troops, provided the air or sea, to seek confirmation in the list of artillery, tanks, aircraft parts and parts of the Navy. In such cases you will have to seek confirmation in the Main personnel Directorate of the Ministry of defence (119160, Moscow, the Russian defense Ministry, the chief of GUK MO).

Recall: in the current rules, lost with war reward together with the certificate thereto may be awarded only to the living veteran. If he or she is awarded posthumously, was killed after the date of award or died after the war, to their rightful heirs of the first stage – the spouse (spouse), brother, sister, son, daughter or one of the grandchildren (and only them) – can be deposited with the certificate to the order or medal. Each such request must be accompanied by proof of direct kinship.