Although Denmark is for the time being is closed down, and you can easily lose courage, there are fortunately also good things about this corona-time.

B. T. has once again prompted a number of celebrities share some of their positive experiences and corona-thoughts, which, hopefully, can ease the mood a little bit.

‘dancing with the stars’-the judge is experiencing for the time being to receive the joyful greetings from the dansekollegaer from all over the world.

“Even if all the borders are closed down, it has been incredible to see how many who have been in contact to see if we are ok. It is all from the UNITED states to Italy to Tokyo. This morning we got this thoughtful email:

‘Dear Hans and Anne. Has anything changed since then? In Japan, the information is complicated, unsolved and exhausted. Did you get a disinfectant? Hand gel for disinfecting hands is now available. Would you please tell me your address because I want to send it to you.’

Anne Laxholm, tells that she is starting to learn how to edit videos, and so doth she sit golfslag in the garden, when now the golf course is closed.

“Let us take some of the good things as thoughtfulness for others, presence and time to play around with on after this.”

‘Go’ Morgen Danmark’-the host was just not to be able to come home to Denmark from a holiday in the UNITED states. It is managed via a detour to Canada, and back home in the 14 days of isolation with the family, he has experienced a strong commitment from friends and family to help with everyday chores.

“I had, for example, need to get my car to workshop in the period where I have not even had to go out. My wife’s cousin and girlfriend came and retrieved it a day, and when it a few days later it was finished, I had a friend who took the bike and drove the nearly 30 miles, threw the bike into the back of the car, drove it home to me, and rode home to himself again,” he says.

When Laura Drasbæks primary work is put on hold, have the actor moved the focus on to its sidegeschæft combined with the world’s biggest tv series.

“My body can’t hold out not to do something, so I have time in all the time. I have a ceramics workshop, where I have sat and shaped the large jars, while I have seen ‘Game of Thrones’. I can no longer watch tv without being at the same time. There are eight seasons, and each section lasts an hour. It is absurd for many hours, but there is also a part of jars at home now.”

She adds:

“I’m also starting to run again, as my yoga centre is closed. New habits, but I miss everyday.”

‘Top Gear’host has just got a new dog in the form of a cocker spaniel by the name of Robert Redford.

“the Name, my better half Marie intended since she is a big fan. She was not quite sure that we would have a dog again so soon after we said goodbye to our old labrador, Marley, so the compromise was that she chose the name,” says Felix Smith, who adds, that it is so nice to be together with the family without having a full calendar.

“the Children are happy, when they not miss their friends.”

The 45-year-old actor had the 3. april have celebrated his birthday in dallas, where at the same time he should have been touring with Folketeatret, but it was instead held at the home in Copenhagen with her family.

“We should among other things have been in the Randers Rainforest, but then we take just a rematch another time. We is me, my boyfriend and our son at two and a half years, so we are enjoying just, and if a mæthedspunkt, so I run just a trip,” says Paw Henriksen.

“I think people have been good to abide by the rules, and it is nice that the air feels cleaner. I hope that you take from here, that you do not always need to take the car, for example, if you just need to the bakery.”

Rachel from ‘Year 0’ tells that something positive that the corona-the break has thrown by itself, is that she has begun to knit more and right now is in full swing with his first sweater.

“I’ve got exhausted my creativity, as I hope to be able to continue,” she says.

From his holiday home enjoying Andrea Vagn Jensen with his family, and stands on hjemmeskole, bathing in the sea and painting woodwork. In addition, she is helping a neighbor with his cooking.

“It’s so boring to cook to get, so I go with the ‘dish of the day’ to a much loved and wonderful elderly lady who lives on our road. We slow down and take care of each other,” she says.

Per Pallesen welcomes cards and well over, how he seems, we all together take care of each other. And he is a fan of our prime minister.

“I am full of admiration for Mette Frederiksen. She is a stalwart woman, that makes up for all of us and takes on a great responsibility. The whole country can be proud of the prime minister,” he says.

After his teaterturné with, among others, Kurt Ravn was closed down, he enjoys instead to have got lots of time with his wife, actress Susanne Heinrich, and their dog Carlo.

“I had also hoped that there had been more time to see family, both mine and Susannes, but it set the corona, unfortunately, a temporary stop for. So we have to turn, plenty of time to look forward to seeing it again,” he says.

‘fawlty towers’-the star should have been in Aarhus with her husband, but has instead extended its maternity leave in Copenhagen.

“We were really delighted to be back in our old studio – and arbejdsby (they are both graduated from Aarhus Theatre, ed.), but the positive thing is that we’ve now got three months of single motherhood instead. It is quite unique, and when the situation is as it is, so it’s pretty amazing,” she says.

Julie Zangenberg says that she just now working nonstop in order to be able to keep its ‘hyggetøjsfirma’ running, and she welcomes having just launched its spring collection.

“My bright spot is that I can come out with hyggetøj to the danes in a hard time,” she says.

As a part of the project MusikBeRiget usually Kaya Brüel, together with a number of colleagues to play for hospitalized children who are in isolation for a longer time in hospitals.

It can’t do that now, so instead they have recorded some movies, where the proper distance sings for the children. The films can then be viewed on the project’s own Facebook page as well as on The platforms.

“It is a much-needed breathing space to get music at the bedside. To be with in MusikBeRiget is important and very rewarding for me as an artist. With and in the music we can all come together and for a moment just to be. We can see that it just is song and music, which bring us together throughout the world,” she says.

Jonas Schmidt has always kept its social media private, but during the corona period, he has closed up and got the idea to make small ‘Star Wars’-inspired videos with his one-year son Alfred to the amusement of its followers.

“We’re doing some small films, where I have been his ‘Jedi master’. We train every day, but after all he is only a year, so it is uphill. He don’t hear and can begin to play with a ‘Star Trek-the taser’, which is from a completely different universe,” says Jonas Schmidt with a laugh.

“I shoot him in advance, and then it’s fun to talk with him a while and put a story up that he is being trained as a good ‘Jedi’. It is very nice to have something that does not have focus on the corona.”