Two people are dead and five are wounded after a person attack the people in the shops and on the street in French town.

A knivangreb with at least two dead in France are being investigated as terror.

the Attack took place on Saturday in the southern French city of Romans-sur-Isère, writes the news agency dpa.

the Perpetrator of the attacks, several people on the street and in several shops in the city, where there are well over 30,000 people.

There are five wounded. Two were seriously injured, informs the authorities.

The chief suspect according to investigators a man of sudanese descent.

By a search in the person’s home was found in several religious texts, where the suspect complains to stay in a country with infidels.

He is not previously known to the police.

French president expresses on Twitter his condolences to the families of the victims.

– There will be shed light on this odious act, which has sent our country that is already going through great trials, in deep sorrow, write the Macron according to dpa.

France is, in common with many other countries around the world to a large extent shut down because of the coronaviruspandemien.

The motive is not yet clear.

French authorities described it, however, over a broad area, as terrorrelateret.

In a message writes the prosecution according to the BBC, that the initial investigation shows signs that the suspect was put out on the “resolute, bloodthirsty course with the aim of seriously disrupting public order by intimidation and terror”.

the BBC writes that another person Saturday has been arrested. According to the media France Bleu live person together with the chief suspect.