Trump writes on Twitter that he has been talking with Saudi Arabia about to end oljestriden between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

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the price of oil shot skyward as a result of your tweet. A fat nordsjøolje ran in half five times from 26 to over 36 dollars in a few minutes.

the price of oil went up and down

He writes that he has talked with crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has talked with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin.

– I expect and hope that they will cut down production by around 10 million barrels and maybe much more, writes Trump.

on Monday dropped the price of nordsjøolje to 22,58 per barrel, the lowest since 2003, but since has gone up.

At the peak of the price of oil above 34 dollars after Trump’s statements, but it has since fallen a little again.

the Kremlin denies calls

– worldwide has the oil industry been plagued with. It is very bad for Russia, it is very bad for Saudi Arabia. I mean, it is very bad for both. I think they are going to make a deal, ” said Trump to reporters Wednesday. It is Today’s Business that writes this.

the Statement from Donald Trump sent the most oljeaksjer to heaven on the Oslo stock Exchange.

Vladimir Putin’s office denies that the Russian president has been talking with Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, to which Donald Trump claimed before the price of oil shot skyward.

– No, there has not been any conversation, ” says Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov to the Russian news agency Interfax. He adds that so far, nor are plans for such conversations, according to NTB.

Agreement expiration 1. april,

Disagreement over the to maintain cuts in oil production in the Opec plus collaboration has ensured that the price of oil has fallen sharply in the last month.

The previous agreement expired on the first of april. It is uncertain when any new appointment may come in the able.

Analyseselskapet Rystad Energy says that oil prices are likely to remain very low until further notice, because the demand is affected sharply by the fact that the aircraft is on the ground and large parts of the business sector is broke.

Rystad Energy has no faith in that the size of a cut in oil production could be 10 million barrels or more, which is the Trump type.

Not even 5 million barrels of believe analyseselskapet it is applicable for the two countries combined to cut in order to create a balance in the market in this year’s second quarter.