For the Saturday around the clock at 17.30 he started namely in a brutal task. At Large Sandungen in Asker, 27 years old Asdøl go far the next day.

There is talk about a stretch on 3,73 kilometers to goose back and forth the next 24 hours.

READY TO GO: Eirik Asdøl, here just before the start of the record attempt.

Photo: Private

– This is a massive challenge. Not more to say about it, ” says Asdøl to NRK in a short comment.

because of snømangel in Asker, he previously this week among other things, worked to shovel snow into the trails on the most critical places.

Pancakes and energy drink

But the rewards can be great.

finally he can – according to their own calculations and the max flap end of an incredible 472 km, ” says Ola Kvisle, trainer for Asdøls privatlag Team Norconsult.

the Stunt involves, among other things, that he shall go on the ski through the whole night. So how prepare you on something like that?

We act in pancakes and energy drink. But otherwise, we have no experience with this and there have not been many weeks of preparation. It is only this week he has added a bit of plans.

TRAINER: Ola Kvisle, here pictured during the NM on Konnerud earlier in the year.

Photo: Michal Aaserud

If he could carry something so, he will smash the preliminary record to langløperne Anders Aukland and u. r. Thele. The duo went 321 miles in 17 hours and 50 minutes in the Nordmarka earlier this week. With all the breaks they used 19 hours.

REKORDHOLDERE: Anders Aukland and u. r. Thele, this is from their 321-mile long trip in Nordmarka recently

Photo: Private

Thele, Aukland, Hans Christer Holund and several other cross-country skiers have because of a strong amputated langrennssesong gone long tours through the month of march. Finally have it almost gone the sport to clock the most kilometers in one and the same trip.

Here (external link) you can follow the Asdøls time, distance and average speed the next day

– This has been a thing. A kilometerkrig in langrennsmiljøet. And this is Eiriks style. He is a konkurransemenneske and enjoy such challenges, ” says Ola Kvisle.

– one Usually can not do such a stunt because it breaks down the body so much. But now it is so long to the competitions. Now we have the opportunity.

the RECORD WAS NOT LONG: Hans Christer Holunds 203 kilometers in the Nordmarka was a long senvinterens longest among langrennsløperne.

Photo: Vidar Ruud / Vidar Ruud In goal Sunday at 18.00

472 kilometers is not some random number picked out from nothing. The team believes that it is the world record in the number of miles gone in one day. They know, however, is not whether it will be approved. For Asdøl it is nevertheless more than enough to turn Holund, Aukland and Thele.

That in itself is more than enough reward for Asdøl, ” says coach Kvisle.

On the 3,7 km long path there will be some extra pairs of skis available. There will also be plenty of fluids and nourishment.

Because the clock is set one hour forward in the night, will not Asdøl be in the goal before around 18: 00 on Sunday.

It’s going to be far. It’s going to be a real challenge. I am the trainer for some strong skiers, but They are best equipped to succeed with this, ” says Kvisle.