When the Kansas City Chiefs meet the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl, a woman certainly doesn’t know which NFL team to cross her fingers for. A son of Donna Kelce plays on both sides. Joy and sadness, pride and compassion in personalized ambivalence.

The Kelce brothers are in the Super Bowl. First, Jason Kelce accomplished his task by defeating the San Francisco 49ers with the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game. Brother Travis then took issue with the Cincinnati Bengals after their success in the AFC Championship Game. The tight end celebrated the triumph of the Lamar Hunt Trophy and the associated entry into Super Bowl 57 in Glendale, Arizona at the home Arrowhead Stadium of the Kansas City Chiefs. Last but not least, with a few jabs at the Bengals, who were mouthing their mouths before the conference game.

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One thing is already guaranteed. Donna Kelce, mother of Jason and Travis, will have two weeks to congratulate one of her children on their next Super Bowl title and comfort the other after losing the grand final. No doubt she will be there live.

Because not infrequently Donna tries to watch both boys play football on game days and even recently in the playoffs. The fact that they both appear on the gridiron on the same day doesn’t stop her either. Last year, she first visited Jason in Tampa in the wild cards when the now 35-year-old center had to play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After the final whistle, we flew over to Kansas City to watch my younger brother Travis, who was two years younger.

This time she took it a little easier. Donna was the youngest in KC in the divisional round. She then visited Jason in Philly for the Championship Games. Then she followed the Chiefs in front of the TV.

“I will immediately find a bar near The Linc on Broad Street after the Eagles game to watch the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals game,” she said in a pregame interview.

Now it really comes down to the Kelce Bowl, a duel between the two brothers, both of whom have already won a Super Bowl ring in their careers. However, Mama Donna was not yet able to properly classify her feelings after the triumph.

“It’s your hopes and dreams that come true, but it’s also your worst fears,” she said. “You know someone’s going to go home a loser.”

Then she added: “And neither of them loses very well.”

Both of Donna’s sons are natural champions. They never give up and their irrepressible will was also evident in the championship games. Both play in their respective offense of their team. So unless something extraordinary happens, the two will never be on the field at the same time in the Super Bowl, but they will be important key figures for their teams.

Jason made important blocks on two touchdowns in the NFC Championship Game. Early in the game, his work allows running back Miles Sanders to trot untouched for six yards into the end zone. The Eagles increased their lead to 21-7 just before the break. Boston Scott scored another rushing touchdown for ten yards. Star defender Nick Bosa was hot on his heels. However, he was thrown off balance by Jason and fell just before he could turn his attention to Scott.

A few hours later, it was his brother Travis who initiated the win with quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ first caught touchdown pass. Almost all passes in his direction found their target that day and so Travis caught a total of seven balls in eight attempts thrown for a total of 78 yards and said touchdown. For the second year in a row, he is his quarterback’s most important passing station and is now the second most successful receiver in NFL playoff history.

Pumped full of adrenaline and endorphins, Travis splashed out after his AFC Championship Game success and responded to the Cincinnati Bengals’ verbal attacks. They were quite vocal in the run-up to the game. Travis reacted to the announcements in Bengals circles that Arrowhead Stadium had been renamed “Burrowhead” after the recent successes of their quarterback Joe Burrow, as well as to the statement by the mayor of Cincinnati that Burrow should arrange a paternity test rather than someone else would believe to be Mahomes’ father.

“Burrowhead my a**! This is Mahomes’ house!” and “I have some words of wisdom for the mayor of Cincinnati: Know your role and shut up, you poser!”

Anyone who thinks that only Travis in the Kelce family is responsible for the volume is greatly mistaken. At the Eagles’ last Super Bowl triumph in February 2018, Jason then celebrated on the streets of Philadelphia in “Mummers Outfit”, a colorful and shrill costume that was almost reminiscent of a genie from 1000 and one night.

Even after defeating the 49ers, he couldn’t help but take a look at the possible Kelce Bowl in two weeks:

“I have a Kansas City sweatshirt that I’m going to wear for the next three hours and that’s it for the rest of the year,” Kelce said. “Win or lose, I’ll be done being a Chiefs fan in three hours.”

Both brothers will be under enormous pressure for the next few weeks. As professional and combative as they are, that energy won’t unleash until Sunday’s 57th Super Bowl. And even if there can only be one winner and one of the siblings will lose, Mama Donna is certainly happy that the two don’t meet directly and only meet again directly after the game.

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The game is still emotional chaos for them. She will feel joy and comfort, pride and compassion, all at the same time. The ambivalence of a happy mother.

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