With Kanye West announcing his intention to run for president, musician Courtney Jaye released a song telling him to “get f**ked,” sparking a backlash against the idea of a white woman telling a black man he can’t run for office.

In Jaye’s vulgar song about Kanye, she compares him to a “piece of trash,” accuses the rapper of just trying to “help his Nazi friend” Donald Trump, and promises that “one day, we’re gonna eat the rich.”

Jaye has found popularity on social media partly through politically leftist songs targeting what she calls “narcissistic wingnut cockwombles.” A previous tune of hers goes after Trump and is called ‘Bunker Boy’.

The idea of a white woman vulgarly telling a black man he can’t run for president is not sitting well with many conservatives, though, and Jaye has found herself referred to as “entitled” and a “Karen with a guitar” in reactions – though other “Karen” accusations have drawn far more media attention. 

“Yo Karen with a guitar, is it always this easy for you to talk down to Black people and other minorities that are more successful than yourself?” Turning Point USA’s Richard Armande Mills tweeted. 

“Oh look… an entitled white woman telling a black man he can’t run for office,”added conservative author Harlan Z. Hill.

“Damn. Why you hate black men?”asked the Blaze’s Sara Gonzalez.

Why do you hate black people?

You really need to come down from your ivory tower. #BlackPresidentsMatter

Since announcing his intention to run for president in the 2020 election, West has received messages of support from billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Cuban, and his wife, Kim Kardashian. 

Though he’s talked about the potential of running in the past, the earliest date the rapper has toyed with thus far has been 2024 as he counts himself among Donald Trump’s supporters, even visiting with the president at the White House at one point.

Some, like Jaye, have theorized West could be entering the race to split the vote and guarantee Trump a victory over Joe Biden, the Democrats’ presumed nominee. Others, however, have questioned the seriousness of the promise from the ‘Jesus Walks’ singer, as it’s not entirely clear what political party he could run as the nominee for, and doing so independently could create ballot access issues with the election only four months away. 

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