The american the potential to feel pressured to be at home with four small children.

whether you are an ordinary Danish family or a world-renowned superstar, it can be a challenge to be at home with her children during the coronakrisen.

It can of the american the potential Kim Kardashian, who is married to rapper Kanye West, sign.

In an interview with the american talk show The View tells Kim Kardashian that she for the time feel the pressure of being in the hjemmekarantæne with his four children, North six, and the Saint on the fire, Chicago in two and a Psalm of ten months.

– To be at home with the four kids… If I just for a moment thought that I would have a child, then the like disappeared now. It is really hard, she says.

Like so many other parents have Kim Kardashian, who is known especially from the realityprogrammet “Keeping Up with the Kardashian”, has been challenged by having to work and at the same time hjemmeundervise his daughter North and his son Saint.

She therefore sends warm thoughts to the teachers, which usually stands for the children’s education.

But when it is said, has Kim Kardashian also enjoyed to be additional very together with family in recent weeks.

I actually love the time (at home, ed.), because we travel so much everyday, ” she says, and adds, that the family of six, among other things, has driven out the time to watch lots of movies.

– I have shown the kids movies from the’80s such as “Harry And The henderson’s”, which they would otherwise not have seen, and it is so much fun.

– So I love that we can be together as a family, but then, I have sorted laundry and made food, at the same time that I am their teacher, says Kim Kardashian and the depositor, to the children, thankfully, are on holiday from school now.