Even after the jungle finale, the cheating drama is not off the table. Photos showing Peter Klein and Yvonne Woelke together at the airport are said to have made the camel overflow for Iris Klein. All news about the jungle camp here in the FOCUS online ticker.

Now the drama about Iris and Peter Klein, as well as the alleged jungle affair of Yvonne Woelke, is taking on new dimensions: Iris is now officially looking for an apartment. As BILD reports, Daniela Katzenberger’s mother has now posted on Facebook that she is looking for an apartment near Worms. Why there, of all places, asks a user: “That’s where my daughter Jenny lives”. Iris has probably finally finished with Mallorca. But not only with that. Under a comment, she writes: “For him, she’s like a bitch in heat and he’s the horny old dachshund!” She probably means Yvonne Woelke, and “the old dachshund?” We can imagine it.

As “bild.de” reports, the jungle stars and their companions landed back in Germany today (February 1st, 2023). Among them, of course, Lucas Cordalis (55), who is visibly taciturn but professional as ever. At his side: Peter Klein. Moment … actually rather not at Lucas’ side, but at Yvonne’s side. The two seem very familiar after landing, he even helps her with the suitcase. And while Yvonne is conducting interviews, Peter is waiting for her a little apart. Even if the two say nothing, the photos speak a clear language – at least that’s what Iris Klein thinks.

On Instagram, she lets her disappointment and anger run wild. “I’ve made up my mind, I’m going to get a divorce because I no longer want to live with a lying man,” writes Daniela Katzenberger’s mother. And then even refers specifically to the airport scene: “He didn’t even manage to keep his distance from his Yvonne on the way home … Now I will keep my distance from him for the rest of my life. My trust is finally gone.” The story that “bild.de” refers to in its article has now been taken offline again.

The drama seems to literally attract the ex-jungle campers. At least that’s what you think when you look at the latest Instagram stories from jungle prince Gigi Birofio (23). According to him, a proper drama is said to have taken place at the airport in Singapore. So he says in his story: “At the airport, there was a different show! Me and Mike, we’re sitting there – da beef, da beef, da beef. Someone almost gets a black eye, someone falls on them.” He and his buddy Mike Heiter (30) felt like they were in a “second jungle camp”.

While Gigi does not report further on the background to the dispute, “bild.de” claims to have received the missing information from insiders on site. The first dispute was about camp participants Cosimo Citolo (41) and Djamila Rowes (55) companion Yvonne Woelke (41). He is said to have asked her to stop calling his girlfriend Nathalie “Iris Klein’s spy (55)”. Behind it are Iris Klein’s cheating allegations against her husband Peter (63) that he cheated on her with Yvonne. Yvonne is said to have accused Cosimo’s girlfriend Nathalie of espionage. The latter was able to redeem her reputation by showing her chat histories with Iris.

Cosimo was apparently also involved in dispute number two. Another observer claims to have noticed how Gigi and Cosimo were bickering. Gigi heard how the 41-year-old spoke badly of reality star Calvin Kleinen (30). In a video call, the trio was probably not able to completely settle their disputes – it was probably just a “back and forth”. The jungle campers should be happy to be back in their homes and away from all the drama soon.

Iris Klein

January 31, 12:34 p.m .: After moving out of the jungle camp, Verena Kerth was surprised by Marc Terenzi with a marriage proposal. Overjoyed, the presenter agreed to the engagement. But on the last night before their departure, the lovebirds at the Hotel Versace may have fought.

In the last night before their departure, the lovebirds are said to have argued violently in the Hotel Versace. The broadcaster RTL speculates about this. According to this, a complaint is said to have been received at the reception between midnight and 1 a.m. – because of noise pollution from the 4th floor, where the couple was also accommodated. According to RTL, it cannot be said with certainty whether the noise actually came from Terenzi and Kerth’s room.

With a plaster under his eye, Marc Terenzi told a reporter from the broadcaster that he just slipped in the bathroom. Verena Kerth did not want to comment on the allegations. In any case, in their current Instagram stories, the newly engaged couple did not appear as if they were in a clinch.

That’s it with the jungle camp 2023. In the tree house, the campers not only had to face each other, but also the questions of Sonja and Jan. Of course, the alleged affair in his family was also an issue for Lucas Cordalis. Cosimo, on the other hand, preferred to avoid topics in general, fled without further ado and made more than one of his colleagues angry. But fortunately, the newly crowned jungle queen also got her rights and was able to chat a little bit about the insider’s box.

11:15 p.m .: Indeed: The season had authentic characters, great feelings and the right amount of argument and drama. With the best will in the world, we can’t add anything more to Zietlow’s assessment. It was an absolute trash-fest, which the farewell show perhaps didn’t fully do justice to. In any case, we are already looking forward to next year and say goodbye to the new queen with a little curtsy!

11:13 p.m .: Gigi and Luca congratulate Djamila on her success and she can now sign her own portrait. Sonja summarizes: “We agree that this was one of the best seasons ever – really!”

11:11 p.m .: The stage belongs to Djamila again. She describes her first seconds after victory in a wonderfully flowery way: “I only had myself and the roll of toilet paper for my nose.” Jan Koeppen then proves that he could also retrain to become a motivational speaker. Because when Djamila explains that she doubted until the end that she had really won, he replies: “You deserve the title because you are the way you are. So believe in yourself too!”

11:04 p.m .: If there is no single player, what will follow when it gets exciting? You guessed it: an advertising block.

11:02 p.m .: Well, does the friendship between the two Italians have a future? The boys don’t seem too sure about that either. “When I look at it, of course there is a friendship. But with all that I now know from the outside…” says Gigi. The two want to talk to each other again without cameras. That sounds reasonable indeed!

10:56 p.m .: Back in the tree house, a look back at Gigi and Cosimo’s friendship follows. Meanwhile, the two seem to be discussing the scenes and seem tense. No wonder. A few minutes ago, Gigi Cosimo assumed that he had pursued the friendship for hypocritical reasons. It could be uncomfortable for everyone involved.

10:50 p.m .: At this point, RTL breaks off the conversation in favor of an advertising block. And again: what a pity!

10:48 p.m .: The moderators interrupt the discussion and let the “media expert” Lucas have his say, who gives a piece of wisdom: “I felt that these conflicts did not come about immediately. It builds up.” And Gigi now shoots against Lucas to repeat the accusation that he has not shown his true colors.

10:46 p.m.: Gigi says he was called by an informant who told him that Cosimo had deliberately pursued a friendship with him in hopes of gaining more approval from viewers. He seems attacked and with that the friendship between Gigi and Cosimo seems to be over. Jolina also gets involved and gets loud: “You’re not a victim, Cosimo! You have to deal with it and stand up straight when you screw up.” Tessa accuses him from the side of “playing something with everyone”.

10:44 p.m .: The single player is also about the dispute between Lucas and Gigi. Will it become an issue again? Instead, we see Cosimo, who is obviously close to tears and when asked how he is doing, only delivers his standard answer: “Everything is fine.”

10:37 p.m .: And again a single player follows. The question arises more and more: why? We’ve seen it all before. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just sit the campers at a big table to argue and point the camera at it, dear RTL?

10:36 p.m .: The capsule has not been found, but Cosimo is back and apologizes to the RTL production staff: “Everyone has their feelings. Sometimes they explode faster.”

10:16 p.m .: The moderators hand over to RTL Direct and Pinar Atalay. With the dry words “Pinar Atalay’s name is Jan Hofer today”, the former Tagesschau spokesman reports. Among other things, he reports on a lost radioactive mini-capsule that is keeping Australia in suspense. Has anyone looked in the tree house and under Cosimo’s seat?

10:15 p.m .: Tessa and Jana agree that if you eat problems into yourself, it leads to illnesses and problems. The director pans the camera to Cosimo. In view of the previous escalation, this is hardly a coincidence!

10:11 p.m .: Cosimo is also back. He should probably not become Djamila’s dream man. But then maybe someone else? She makes it clear: “I like to show the men where to go. I know what I want and I know what I don’t want.” For her, the jungle was “like therapy for the soul”.

10:09 p.m .: We are looking back at beautiful scenes from Djamila, which impressively prove why she became queen. The others talk about the prejudices they initially had towards her and she dismantles them one by one in the camp, presenting herself as authentic, emotional and self-deprecating. Chapeau!

10:03 p.m .: Papis talks about his mom again and feels enormous gratitude to RTL. “I don’t know how you did it. My mom used the word proud for the first time,” he says, alluding to the letter that was sent to him at the camp.

10 p.m.: A jungle collection “Made by Papis”? Actually, Jan and Sonja were just joking, but he replies that a collection is already being planned. It should be ready before the jungle start in 2024. We are excited! Tessa has also offered to be a model. But of course only if the products are vegan and “ethically made”.

9:56 p.m .: End of advertising. Thank God. Now papis also gets his grand entrance and his review. When emotional moments and his mother’s letter are shown again, dads also shed a few tears in the tree house. To encourage him, Jan gives him a mediocre, pretty shirt – and thanks him with an exuberant hug.

9:50 p.m .: RTL increases the advertising frequency noticeably in prime time. We’re on break again.

9:49 p.m .: Papis talks about his camp life as a group provider. After all, he cooked, cleaned and and and. “I felt a little empty because I’m used to travelling. Cooking was my fulfillment.” He is probably not the only star who perceived the camp as a spiritual awakening experience – although Jana was on this frequency from the start.

9:46 p.m .: Now that Cosimo is gone, the exciting topics are gone too. Even a little review can’t save the show right now. Unfortunately, when Djamila talks about frogs, it doesn’t have quite the same entertainment value.

9:39 p.m .: Cosimo leaves the table! Before that, Cecilia approached him from the stands and dealt properly. According to her, he showed his true face after moving out: “The way you talked to Djamila’s companion was absolutely awful,” she calls out to him, adding: “Learn to talk to people with respect. You showed me that you’re playing a game all the time and you’re fake.” That nailed it. Cosimo hardly reacts, finally just says: “I won’t give you the airtime” and storms out of the tree house. When he’s already gone, even daddies call him a “fat giant baby”. Sonja steps in and no longer wants to talk about him in his absence.

9:36 p.m .: Was Cosimo real in the camp? At least Sonja always missed his smile, but he doesn’t really want to talk about the argument with Jolina.

9:35 p.m .: Speaking of food and weight: Cosimo admits that he gained three kilos overnight because the food was very emotional. The causality of this statement is not immediately apparent.

9:32 p.m .: After all, after only five minutes we are back in Australia and with Cosimo and Jolina in the tree house.

9:27 p.m .: Oops, advertising again!

9:25 p.m .: How much did the stars actually lose, Sonja wants to know? How appropriate is this question? The women answer anyway. Cecilia’s is six kilos, Tessa’s three. No wonder, given the meager food they were all allowed to eat around the campfire. And in addition, Tessa has also dispensed with the “corpse parts” that others have eaten so enthusiastically, as she likes to emphasize again.

9:22 p.m .: “We were a great little family and I made friends everywhere,” says Tessa. Hm..did she really participate in the same camp relay we’ve been looking at for the past two weeks? “In every good family, you sometimes argue,” she replies to Sonja. Sounds kind of like poetry album truism. But no matter, now it’s no longer about that, it’s about veganism.

9:20 p.m.: … and return to the tree house with a review of the most beautiful scenes of Cosimo and Cecilia and Tessa.

9:13 p.m .: It’s the commercial break again …

9:11 p.m .: Gigi adds: “Verena only thought about outside and asked herself: ‘How do I get over there?’” When she asks him where he read that, he explains: “I don’t read.” Admittedly we would have also a bit surprised.

9:07 p.m .: Cecilia then gets started on the women’s duo: “I found the station wagon simply a disaster. You can tell me what you want: you’re not friends.” Verena is casual about it and explains her neutral relationship with Cecilia: “Actually, we can’t be enemies either, because we were never friends.”

9:03 p.m .: Review of the bosom friendship between Claudia and Verena. Thanks to this little flashback, we were now reminded again that Verena Kerth’s laugh bears an irritating resemblance to a diesel engine that fails to start. After all, the two seem to recognize that themselves, because Claudia notes self-critically: “That was maybe a bit much sometimes.”

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