Superstar Jennifer Aniston has had the wallet back in the good cause.

Along with tv host Jimmy Kimmel donated the she Friday a voucher for a value of 10,000 dollars to the corona-stricken nurse, Kimball Fairbanks.

the Donation took place in the program ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, as for time going on Youtube via a skype connection because of the corona virus.

You can see the clip at the top of the article.

Kimmel commanded the Kimball Fairbanks welcome to the program, after which she told me that she had been tested positive for the coronavirus earlier in the week – mind you, after having cared for other patients with the coronavirus.

She explains in the clip that she has ‘mild symptoms’, which is reminiscent of a mixture of colds and flu. For the time being she is in isolation, why she is neither allowed to work or see his family, including two children aged four years and 18 months.

Jimmy Kimmel told subsequently that he would like to encourage the corona-stricken nurse, and shortly after he bade welcome to the ‘Friends’actor Jennifer Aniston, who was also on a camera connectivity.

“I have to say: God bless you and all the others out there, for what you are doing. I don’t even know how I should express my gratitude for all that you do. Put your own health at stake and everything else. In do-it-phenomenal!,” expressed Jennifer Aniston.

because of coronavirussen the young nurse not had very much profit – for example, to make food.

“That’s good, because you know what Jimmy has taken care of? You will receive a gift certificate of 10.000 dkk from Postmates,” came the encouraging from Aniston.

Postmates is a leveringsfirma in the UNITED states, for example, bringing food from restaurants to home addresses.

A clear unexpected surprise – judged for Kimball Fairbanks response – who had difficulty hiding his large smile of pure excitement.

Kimball Fairbanks expects to be able to work and see his children again around the 8th. april. While she can enjoy the benefits of this food during the difficult time.