TOKYO, June 19. /TASS/. Japan is not currently considering placing on its territory of American missiles in connection with the termination of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty). This was stated on Friday at the press-conference in Tokyo, the Secretary-General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Yoshihide Suga.

“no question of accommodation is not consideration any of a particular area as locations is also not conducted”, — he said.

So Suga responded to a reporter’s question about how studying Japan after suspending the deployment of missile complexes American production of Aegis Ashore, the possibilities of offering to host US missiles short and medium range, as the INF Treaty is no longer valid.

the Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers also stressed that as the situation in the region surrounding Japan remains tense, currently the government is discussing the issue of strengthening security to ensure peaceful living of the citizens of the country.

the Action of the INF Treaty was terminated August 2, 2019, at the initiative of the United States. Washington explained his decision by Russia’s refusal to comply with an American ultimatum to destroy the new cruise missiles such 9М729, which, according to the United States and its NATO allies, violate the provisions of the document. Moscow denied the allegations, stating that the technical characteristics of missiles 9М729 are within the permitted contract parameters, and put forward Washington’s counter-claims.

According to the calculations of Tokyo, they need to cover virtually the entire territory of the country from ballistic missile attack.

At the same time, local authorities had not given permission for the installation of complexes, doubting their security.

the Concern with their placement repeatedly expressed Russia and China, which indicate that the deployment of these installations will affect the balance of power in the region.