Jakob Kjeldbjerg live nice in the southwest of france, but if you ask the popular Robinson-host where he wants to be right now, he would choose Denmark.

Under the corona pandemic, it is in fact not so fat to be in Nice.

he tells This of Viaplay Sport Live, as you can see a clip from at the top of this article.

“If we stick to the hjemmekarantænen, I would immediately rather have, that we lived in Denmark and could be in Denmark, for there one can after all go out for a walk and keep the distance, which hopefully we all together – apart from a few idiots – have found out, that we must keep,” says Jakob Kjeldbjerg and adds:

“I can’t here, because you have the right. Nice is a paradise on earth, so you can just go out and keep the distance, but no, I can’t, for then there comes just a drone flying, which find out that we are there, and then we get just a fine of 1000 crowns, because we see the innocent out, and if we get caught again, then it is in prison.”

Therefore he has also a message to the danes:

“So there is no dear mother here. You have it better in Denmark, grab it!,” reads it with a smile.

The former footballer has a number of years lived in France with his family.