Jack Morris (29) and Lauren bull (25) living the life many people dream of. The travel Influencers earn money with your Instagram Posts good money. So good that you could even build a luxury Villa in her hometown of Bali.

But as the Pair makes its richness even in times of corona crisis flaunt, winds are blowing against them, according to the British media, now neatly against the wind. The Australian and the Briton to report from the holiday Paradise. Cops made on your profile with a photo of the vacation you took just before the crisis.

To the snapshot at the Pool of a luxury resort, she writes: “this Too shall pass.” Morris, however, shows how he plays in his glamorous parlour on a screen of the video game Mario Kart. “Our self-isolation in Bali,” he writes. “Netflix and Mario Kart are my life now. What do you guys do to entertain yourselves during the Isolation?”

“this is Great, as you have given in such a time,”

According to some users, the images should serve a purpose. “It’s great how you are choosing at such a time,” it was said, according to “The Sun” in a comment. “You could have it so much worse, come on down,” writes another User. “There are different types of quarantine, it is clear to me now.” Morris had previously written in another Post that the self-isolation was difficult for him. In the meantime, Morris is likely to have comments deleted on his profile, only positive Statements are to be found.

In an Interview with the “Daily Mail” reported Morris, and bulls that you have built your Villa with the revenue from paid Posts. Under a wage of $ 3000, nothing comes to you on your Social Media pages. (klm)