a At the Federal level, mode of working days shall be terminated since 12 may. However, the country continues to struggle with the epidemic of the coronavirus. Exit restrictions will not happen overnight: the relevant decisions of the heads of the regions will take the field in accordance with signed by the President decree. In addition, the Federal government announced a number of large-scale support measures for businesses and citizens.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the meeting on the epidemiological situation in the country announced the completion of the period of nonworking days in the country. The announcement was made at the meeting on the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the country, which was attended by heads of regions and members of the government.

At the Federal level, this measure ceases to operate from may 12. The head of state stressed that the pandemic of a new type of coronavirus COVID-19 continues. Putin added that the General sanitary requirements should continue to be followed in order to avoid a new wave of the pandemic.

Advanced security is maintained for people over 65 and for those who suffer from chronic diseases.

The country is entering a new phase of the epidemic — the gradual withdrawal of restrictions.

Putin announced the end of a single period of days off

Here the key role will be played by regional authorities in conjunction with the Federal government will make decisions based on the situation on the ground. De facto, this practice has been implemented before. So, on 7 may the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, extended the regime of self-isolation in the capital until may 31. While the restrictive measures were even stricter: now the wearing of masks is mandatory.

This was during a meeting told the President:

“the head of the regions based on the analysis of the situation, in the opinion of the chief sanitary doctors, will make decisions about the nature of restrictive and preventive measures, how and in what sequence they can gradually mitigate, or save, and if it is required — maybe even complement”.

The head of state separately noted that the output of constraints cannot be simultaneously: “we need to do it consistently, carefully, step by step.”

Following the meeting, the President signed a decree on the procedure for extending the restrictive measures. According to the text, in the regions may suspend the activities of organizations regardless of organizational-legal forms and forms of ownership, including activity of individual entrepreneurs. The decree also contains provisions that apply to strategic, scientific and educational organizations.

Part of the meeting was devoted to the results of those six weeks, the country was in a mode non-working days. On March 30, when the regime began a slave��a thief, the country was found 1836 infections COVID-19. As of may 11, that number had increased to 221 of 334 people. At the same time, mortality in Russia is less than 1% (2009 deaths), while in other countries this figure often exceeds 10%.

According to the President, measures taken by the authorities allowed “to slow down, to slow the progression of the epidemic”. At the beginning of the global epidemic in Russia was worse starting conditions than in the United States and European countries. In the country there was not an adequate supply of medical masks, no tests to detect the disease. Beds in hospitals are also not enough.

However, as noted by the head of state, these measures allowed to get the resource time that was used to improve the readiness of the health system.

According to him, the number of specialized beds equipped to treat complications of the disease increased from 29 thousand to 130 thousand. Also was formed the stock equipment and technology, including the provision of ventilators.

“And, thank God, of course, that he is not fully demanded. Involved only a small part of it,” — said Putin.

Pointing to international experience, the President noted that the overload of health systems was the main reason for the high mortality in hospitals could not help who still could be saved.

“we, again, now unable to provide such assistance, and thanks to the measures taken in advance are already stored — you could say without exaggeration, many thousands of lives,” he said.

However, he noted that the main merit in it belongs to doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Recently they learned about the disease a lot more than at the beginning of the epidemic, and worked in new methods of treatment, including taking into account foreign experience.

The President also pointed to the increase in test now in the country daily about 170 thousand tests:

“This is one of the highest rates in the world. But, of course, not in figures.”

Meanwhile, Putin instructed to increase this figure to 300 thousand per day.

“of Course, citizens care concerned daily published the information on new cases of infection. It is clear. But the potential danger is now just in how many cases did not see, missed. I repeat: the more effective we will conduct testing to identify new cases of infection, including latent, the faster you will overcome the epidemic”, — he stressed.

Despite the gradual lifting of restrictions, the state does not terminate earlier activities to support the population. Moreover, during the meeting, the President announced a number of new measures.

“however, now that we are only beginning to emerge from the modes of the exhaust gasranchini when people and businesses have accumulated a lot of problems, need more action, direct assistance to citizens”, — he explained his decision.

An impressive part of new measures directly related to families with children.

Additional payments to families eligible for maternity capital was twice increased the minimum allowance for child care. In addition, citizens can count on receiving a lump sum in the amount of 10 thousand rubles for each child under the age of 16 years.

The latter measure will apply to all families, regardless of income level parents. In total, such support will be provided to 27 million Russian children.

The President also announced new support for victims of the epidemic to enterprises. Now the business of the affected industries will be able to issue a soft loan at 2% for the payment of wages to employees. The deadline for payment is April 2021. However, if the company during this time preserve the employment of employees at the level of 90%, the entire amount of the loan and the amount interest will be paid by the state. If the employment of staff will remain at 80% — the state will cover half of this amount.

“a Key criterion of business support, strategic enterprises also became the preservation of employment and wages, incomes of employees,” — said the President.

While still more important is another measure: the abolition of tax payments and insurance premiums for the second quarter of 2020. The only tax that enterprises will pay for April, may and June of this year — VAT. This measure will reinforce previously introduced a delay in payments and would affect about 1.5 million businesses.

The head of state was not spared and self-employed citizens who are officially registered in the country, more than 650 thousand people.

“These people believe the government, believe his assurances to work protected and civilized. In this regard, I believe that such aspirations should be supported and even encouraged”, — said the President, announcing the return of the self-employed funds that were spent on the payment of taxes in 2019. In addition, self-employed citizens will receive tax capital in the amount of one minimum wage.

Concluding the meeting, the President instructed the government to proceed with the development of the national plan to restore employment and incomes, long-term development of the economy.

“We chose the path of saving the life and health of people and here has achieved much, did much and much overpowered. And each of us depends on to more and more regions of Russia returned to normal, normal life”, — concluded the President.