A week ago, the EU approved the use of certain insects as food. Since then, a lot of questions from concerned customers have been pouring in, especially at bakers. Many are now making it clear: No, we do not process insects. And that’s for a simple reason.

The recently decided EU approval of grain mold beetles, for example in baking mixes, is currently causing a lot of resentment. Bakers report worried customers who, since the approval became known, have repeatedly asked whether the insects are used in their baked goods. Voices are also being raised online warning that we could be being fed insects without our knowledge.

Many bakers are now making it clear, for example on displays in their shops or on social media: No, we do not process insects. For example, baker Monika Müller from Bad Aibling in Upper Bavaria explains to the “ BR ” that insects have to be included in the allergen list just like other allergens. “I have this list in my bakery and everyone can get information there.”

The Bärenbrot bread shop from Amberg in the Upper Palatinate also makes it clear on its Facebook page “due to overflowing inquiries”: “We do not process insect meal and do not intend to do so in the future either.”

But regardless of the allergen labeling, it is generally unlikely that bakers will offer baked goods made from insects without specifically labeling them. Because flour made from insects is about 20 times more expensive than conventional flour. Insect bread would therefore have to be sold many times more expensive than the normal one.

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So if a baker wants to offer this special “protein bomb”, then he is more likely to advertise it as such a specialty. Incidentally, grain mold beetles are not the first insects to be approved as food by the EU. The larvae of the yellow mealworm and migratory locusts were approved as early as 2021, and house crickets have been permitted since 2022.