Small ray of hope in Italy is that the number of dead after the coronaviruses fall on Sunday compared to the previous two days.

Italy report Sunday on the 756 died coronasmittede within the past day. It is a part lower than the day before.

In all, the 97.686 tested infected. This is an increase of one day from the 92.472.

the Numbers still look very serious out of Italy. In the hospitals fought a fierce battle among doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in order to keep pace with the many people infected and dying with Covid-19, which tumbles into.

The total death toll in Italy during the coronakrisen when so up on 10.779.

But a small bright spot is that the death toll has decreased from 889 died Saturday at 756 Sunday.

The highest death toll in a day came on Friday. Here was 919 persons reported dead of Covid-19, which is the name of the disease, as the coronavirus causing.

Lombardy in northern Italy is again Sunday, in class of hardest-hit region in Italy. Here is reported to be the last day about an increase in the number of dead at 416.

Italy are responsible for over a third of all Covid-19-deaths in the world.

Over 662.700 people the world over have been tested positive for Covid-19, and 30.751 is dead, according to a statement from the news agency Reuters.

Spain is the country in Europe, there is næsthårdest hit. Here is the death toll the past day has increased by 838 persons to 6528.

Thus exceeds the number of deaths in Spain in a day right now the death toll in Italy.

In both Italy and Spain have citizens been ordered to keep within doors, and only move out to purchase in the supermarkets and pharmacies, unless they have a work, which is of significant public interest.

Everywhere in Europe, the business in order to re-open the countries quickly.

However, physicians warn that if not for the quarantine are complied with – probably a few months yet – so the work can contain the coronasygdommen be wasted and lead to chaotic conditions in the european hospitals, with many dead.