half discharged the most difficult patients with the coronavirus changes in the lungs pass through three weeks. The likelihood of severe consequences of infection revealed the chief pulmonologist of Ministry of health of Russia Sergey Avdeev, reports “Interfax”.

“in three weeks, 53 percent discharged from hospitals in General there is no change, residual effects in the lungs. And hospitals are most severe. So, even half of them without the most serious consequences,” — said Avdeev.

He added that he considers unwholesome wearing masks and gloves on the streets. At the same time, Avdeyev said that these restrictive measures are introduced with the aim to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

“somewhere behind the curve, I also don’t like that on the street forced to wear masks and gloves, but it’s not our imagination, not our national feature, in any European city now wear masks and gloves”, he said and added that protection makes sense only in close contact, “if you’ll hug and kiss”.

Avdeev expressed hope that the warm weather will reduce the spread of the virus. He stressed that about the second wave too early to say, a new burst may occur in the second half of the autumn it will be linked to the spread of other respiratory.

Russia has in recent days revealed 8952 infected. Only in Russia during the epidemic recorded 397 623 cases of infection with coronavirus. Recovered more 159,2 thousand people, 4374 patients have died. Since the beginning of the epidemic in the country was made more than 10 million tests for coronavirus.