A supposedly small mistake with fatal consequences. Star chef Alfons Schuhbeck, who was arrested and is now on trial, has inexplicably given the wrong telephone number on his website. And that several times. The result: A 90-year-old woman from Munich now gets his calls.

If you take a look at the celebrity chef’s website, it quickly becomes clear: the number was given incorrectly not just once, but three times – in the imprint, in the spice shops and at the cooking school. What may sound amusing at first means real telephone terror for the senior from Munich. “For weeks, countless people have been calling me every day and want to speak to Mr. Schuhbeck. This drives me completely crazy. I have nothing to do with this gentleman, I’m over 90 years old and have had this phone number for more than 50 years,” she told bild.de. And what does Schuhbeck have to say about this?

He cannot explain the mistake. “That can not be real. I’ll have it checked immediately,” he clarifies. It is unclear whether this test has already taken place. But what is clear: According to media reports, the second telephone number on his homepage, which appears when you select the “Recipe search” tab, should not lead to the goal either. On the contrary. You only hear the announcement: “The number dialed is currently unavailable. Goodbye.” Almost mysterious.

Alfons Schuhbeck was sentenced to three years and two months in October 2022. He appealed and may now work for another year – for example for the food distribution at FC Bayern. “Bild.de” wants to know how he is doing at the moment: “It’s fine.” Let’s hope that the senior from Munich will be able to say that again soon.

The fallen star chef and former Munich top dog Alfons Schuhbeck is absent from one of his favorite events: the traditional white sausage party at the Stanglwirt. An insider reveals details.

The star chef was sentenced to three years in prison at the end of last year for tax evasion amounting to millions. Now he is exchanging his lawyers – and wants to continue to challenge the verdict.

Alfons Schuhbeck had to say goodbye to his restaurant “Südtiroler Stuben” at the end of the year. The owner of the premises is “Immobilien Freistaat Bayern”. FOCUS online spoke to the managing director and knows who could move into the “Stuben” after Schuhbeck.

The original of this post “Alfons Schuhbeck triggers telephone terror in senior citizen” comes from Bunte.de.