– It is close to be out. To be out with the kids and family do that we come closer to one another and fill the days with something meiningsfullt, ” explains Sandra Hatlestad Hove, the organizer of the telthelg with children.

Familiebedrifta Fjeldfolk has arranged Telthelg for barnefamiliar. They did because they have got more questions about it to take their children camping. In addition, have they got a separate desire that more should get experience the joy to drive with outdoor activities.

– It is awesome that there is a growing interest for to have children on the trip, think Hatlestad Hove

Although there is an increased interest to have children on the trip, is it not sjølvsagd that the adults dare to conduct trips with children.

– I think people are afraid to frysa, especially in winter. It understand I very well, for I like not to frysa. It is horrid. I think also that people do not have enough knowledge or experience about how they should dress and is afraid that the trip shall be ubehageleg.

FIERCE COMMITMENT: Sandra Hatlestad Hove is one of the organizers of the telthelg for barnefamiliar. She wants everyone to experience the joy of nature and the outdoors, together with family give.

Photo: Astrid Amalie Hetland / NRK

Hatlestad Hove his tips to those who are a little unsure whether they dare to legga out on a long trip is to take contact with somebody with experience. It can be a good idea to spørja about how to dress and what equipment is a good idea to be considered.

More questions

The Norwegian trekking association have seen also an increased interest in outdoor activities with children.

We receive many questions from parents who want their kids on the trip and now has created the Children’s Turlag in over 220 municipalities, ” explains Mette Øinæs Habberstad, communications manager at The Norwegian trekking association.

have SEEN INCREASED INTEREST: Mette Øinæs Habberstad, communications manager at DNT notice that barnefamiliar will look for meiningsfulle activities without the screen. Outdoor recreation is a good option.

Photo: Sindre Thoresen at length / DNT

She believe that the equipment may be a barrier for many who want to out. It is silly to have to buy much equipment for a trip without to know if it will be used again. Her tip is to loans of kjenningar or use of utlånstilbod which is around about in the survey.

It can also be that several are uncertain if they meistrar important things that insert up your tent, or get the guy on primusen. Then it can be a good idea to tørrtrena in the garden first, or they can participate in lågterskeltilbod as ferskingkurs hosted by DNT or telthelg with children with Fjeldfolk.

Love in the open air

He Stubhaug was one of them that attended on the telthelga. He has worked with the kids on the trip several times before, and think it is good to attend such events because it is so easy. In the weekend the two nights, he only to be considered with equipment and food and meet up.

EXPERIENCED TELTSOVARAR: Ørjan Stubhag and Sverre Stubhaug (7) can’t remember how many times they have to sleep in tents or under the open sky.

Photo: Astrid Amalie Hetland / NRK

to sleep in the tent is enough, the kids look forward every time.

He thinks people vegrar to go out because they feel they have not enough friluftskompetanse. Many believed enough also that it is more cumbersome with the trip than it is.

– It does not need to be a long outing where all the hosts tired, weary and rent. A walk on the beach, or up to one with a stiff in which one only can be is completely the top, ” explains Ørjan Stubhaug with great zeal.

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Both he and Hatlestad Hove encourage others to jump in it, whether it is to participate in a lågterskeltilbod or to sleep out on the terrace or in the garden. As they moved further and further away from the wall of the house for every.