The singer got into a very dangerous situation – because of the two-way coronavirus pneumonia she had affected more than 60 percent of the lungs.

The disease did not want to retreat, but in the end the doctors ‘ efforts were rewarded and the body of 70-year-old Hope, Bonner overcame the infection.

In the clinic, Babkina had to spend 31 days, and some of them – in reanimation, in a state of artificial coma.

The clinic fee, and treatment cost is not cheap. All the details found out journalists of the StarHit.

More than a week for her breathing to the ventilator. Day intensive care in the clinic cost about 150 thousand rubles.

Day in an ordinary ward – 50 thousand.

Plus medicines they pulled approximately 350 thousand. Total – not less than two million.

Nadezhda Babkina is home right now, but, according to doctors, she still has a lengthy rehabilitation period.

As previously wrote, “the Rambler”, in early April, 70-year-old Nadezhda Babkina was hospitalized with a suspected coronavirus.

Physicians had to enter the artist into an artificial coma to stabilize her condition.