Maegan Hall is probably the most famous police officer in the USA at the moment. But it is not her professional achievements that cause her to cause a stir. Rather, the 26-year-old is at the center of an internal police sex scandal: she is said to have become intimate with several colleagues at her La Vergne police station. As part of her third interrogation, even more spicy details have now come to light.

The escapades, including the dismissals and disciplinary measures, have meanwhile brought the tranquil La Vergne not only dubious fame worldwide, but also a shortage of skilled workers in the police sector: the city of 39,000 inhabitants lost twelve percent of its police officers almost overnight.

The “Daily Mail” has the transcript of Hall’s extensive interrogation, in which she describes the sexual escapades on a total of 61 pages. So she admits that she was not only sexually involved with five colleagues, as previously known, but with seven.

One of them was Sergeant Lewis Powell. She would have had an affair with him for months; The married policewoman admits that there was even oral sex during work. “My husband and I were about to get divorced and then I just got weak and things got out of hand,” she says. Powell, also married, initially denied the tryst. However, when it was revealed that he and Hall had met ahead of the investigation to work out a joint version of the incident, he confessed.

The 26-year-old also slept with patrolman Patrick Magliocco. At a “wild jacuzzi girls’ night” on a colleague’s boat, she got drunk and sang karaoke. After she fell down the stairs, Hall said her bathing suit was “a little loose” and slipped down. Then she had sex with Magliocco in the bathroom.

Hall also tried to convince her husband, Jedidiah Hall, to have a foursome with the police officer and his wife. However, he refused – even when the American suggested he have sex with another colleague, Sergeant Ty Gowan, and his wife. Hall had been intimate with Gowan even before she was sworn in as a police officer. At later times, the Tennessee officer says she had sex and oral sex with two other co-workers.

Sergeant Gowan was also the one who reported Hall’s sexual relations with her colleagues to La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole last December. Presumably he had become jealous and then started the investigation, Hall suspected in the interrogation. In addition to the police officer, four other officers were fired, including Gowan himself. During his interrogation, he initially denied being involved in the sex scandal. He was eventually fired for dishonesty.