There are shocking Numbers to the internal report, “How do we get Covid-19 under the control of” plays: 70 percent of Germans could become infected with the Coronavirus, and more than a Million citizens could die, if a “massive Overload of the health system” is not avoided by decisive action. The secret paper from the Federal Ministry of the interior, from the 22. March dated, but also caused from another reason for attention; because it is called for nationwide mass-tests, after the model of South Korea. “The location, reasonable and step-by-step Intervention in economic and social processes is made possible in the first place ( … )”, – stated in the Text.

by the end of March, the paper was a hit with his terrifying and far-reaching recommendations for action, for the first time by the media, the “Spiegel”, “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, as well as WDR and NDR had, among other things, it is reported. Criticism was drawn to the report at the time, mainly because he took the content in part a reference to a blog post in the Internet whose content is not shared by experts. Ministry spokesman Steve old said the end of March, the paper should represent the current Situation on the internal security could have an impact, “what are the different trajectories are conceivable here”.

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“The Concealment of the Worst-Case scenario is not an Option”

The interior Ministry had refused to make the paper on the basis of the press law and the freedom of information act for other media available: The document was “classified” and “for official use only”. Now the non-profit Portal “in Question, the state has published” the complete, 17-page-long paper. And it turns out: The paper dealt only with the question of how the pandemic is best curb. The authors dealt with communication strategies. How do I convey to the people the seriousness of the situation? And how do I move them to Join in when it comes to output restrictions to restaurant closures and around the Home Office?

Specifically, the authors of the text, see two dangers: on the one Hand, a loss of confidence in the institutions, which must be counteracted by the greatest possible transparency. As the Motto was commanded: “There is something very Threatening to us, we have recognized the danger, however, and act decisively and deliberately,” it says in the paper. And: “to mobilize the society by holding forces, is the Concealment of the Worst-Case scenario is not an Option.” Who wants to avert the danger, must, you know.

the thoughts of The “Many”

the is That this risk could not be taken in the population, but seriously – the second concern of the authors. A fixation on the percentage rather low mortality rate could lead to the seriousness of the situation is underestimated. At one point in the paper, it doesn’t mean, “many” think, then “unconscious and unacknowledged: ‘Well, we are the Old man, which drag our economy down, we are already too many on earth, and with a bit of luck I inherited so a little bit earlier’.” A proof for this Thesis is not to be found in the report.

To the population the seriousness of the situation clear, they recommend drastic measures. “To achieve the desired shock effect, must be made aware of the concrete effects of an infection on human society,” write the authors, and name three specific example scenarios.

“is The Choke for every human being, a primal fear”

first many would have brought seriously ill patients to their relatives “to the hospital, but was rejected, and die in agony to be gasping for breath at home. Suffocation or not enough air wars (sic) is for everyone a primal fear. The Situation in which there’s nothing you can do to help in danger of their lives floating members, also.“

Secondly, the paper even suggests, to make children afraid. “Children will easily be infected, even in the case of output constraints, for example, in the case of the neighbor’s children”, – stated in the Text. “If you catch your parents, and one of them dies in agony at home and you have the feeling to be at fault, because you forgot to wash after Playing the hands, it is the most Horrible thing you can experience is a child.”

Thirdly, the authors propose to remind you of the possible long-term damage. “Even if so far we have only reports about individual cases, to draw an alarming picture,” – said in the report. “Even, apparently, seem to experience any relapses, and then all of a sudden death, by heart attack or respiratory failure, because the Virus has not gone unnoticed found their way into the lungs, or the heart to Heal after mild course. This may be individual cases, but they are constantly floating like a sword of Damocles over those who were once infected.“

“1919 + 1929”-formula

It should be argued also, “historically”, the authors propose, in accordance with the formula: “2019 = 1919 + 1929”. In 1919, the Spanish flu from the USA spread to the whole world and killed according to the census, between 25 and 50 million people. The year 1929 is the year of the famous world economic crisis, which had contributed, among other things, to the rise of fascism in Germany. The message of the authors: The Corona pandemic is not so bad as the Spanish flu and world economic crisis, if it succeeds, you reduce. This formula is “obvious,” write the authors.

Whether or not actual experts in communication were involved in the paper, is unclear. The interior Ministry has not commented on the identity of the author so far. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ) reported, overall, a “group of ten professionals have worked” on the paper. In particular, only four authors are mentioned in the report, but all Economists.

found circles, As much attention to the paper in Government, is also not known. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) said recently in the “image”-newspaper of it, there could be “millions of Deaths”. Otherwise Seehofer leaves it up to the Public, however, the Minister of health, Jens Spahn, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (both CDU) the field. According to media reports, neither Merkel nor Spahn should have been thrilled by the paper from the Ministry of the interior particularly. Merkel prefers a different tone In their speeches to the Nation, the Chancellor appealed especially to the responsibility of the citizens. Masks sew it yourself! Firefighters released a simple Video guide on FOCUS Online/News5 masks sew it yourself! Firefighters released a simple Video guide