As reported by, Iris Klein was hospitalized. Her daughter Jenny Frankhauser reported in her story in the morning: “My mom is not doing well, I don’t want to say more about it.” In the picture interview she also said: “I feel crappy.”

Now it even went so far that Iris Klein had to be treated by an emergency doctor. She was then taken to the hospital for an “internal emergency”. A spokesman for the rescue center told “I can confirm the deployment on February 1st. An emergency ambulance with a crew of two and the rescue helicopters (crew of three) were deployed.”

Shortly thereafter, daughter Jenny spoke again on Instagram. First, she explains in a since-deleted Instagram story that she couldn’t believe the allegations against her stepfather Peter Klein. “After the last pictures I just got sent, I take everything back,” she writes. She ends the post with the words: “It’s a nightmare come true.” Nurse Daniela Katzenberger held back with words, but posted two meaningful emojis.

Just yesterday, Iris Klein seemed to be making new plans. After the cheating scandal surrounding her husband Peter Klein and the alleged jungle affair Yvonne Woelke, she initially seemed to choose to flee forward: Iris was officially looking for an apartment. As reported by, Daniela Katzenberger’s mother has now posted on Facebook that she is looking for an apartment near Worms. Why there, of all places, asks a user: “That’s where my daughter Jenny lives”. Iris has probably finally finished with Mallorca. But not only with that. Under a comment she writes: “For him she is like a bitch in heat and he is the horny old dachshund!” She, that probably means Yvonne Woelke and the old dachshund? We can guess.

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