A man is accused of killing, as he through several years beating up his girlfriend, who lost his life in 2018.

A 34-year-old woman’s death in the autumn of 2018 was the end of many years of violence from her boyfriend’s side, believes the prosecution.

over a period of 15 years the woman was, according to the indictment in the case of the victims of violence in changing addresses in Copenhagen, Pakistan and Display.

the Court in Roskilde, launching on Friday a jury trial against the man who among other things is charged with manslaughter. He refuses guilty. He is pakistani citizen and requires it to be shown.

He is accused of abusing the woman in a systematic manner. From august 2018 until her death two months later, she was struck again and again with, among other things, a aluminiumsbat, screwdriver and with the back of an axe.

in Addition tryksparkede and stomped the man her in the head, so that her one ear was torn partly of, just like he shot her with a strømpistol, and then she was shaved, says the indictment.

– It is a very nasty and unhappy case, in all ways, says the prosecutor in the case, Rune Rydik.

the Woman was also effectively deprived of the last two months of his life, when the man forced her to be in the home.

the Residence he had equipped with video surveillance both inside and outdoors, it appears.

a Short time after the woman’s death, said superintendent Kim Løvkvist from the Middle – and West zealand Police, that there was a suspicion of long-term partnervold.

– We based it on the outcome of the obduktionserklæring we have received from the Forensic Institute, which describes harm from violence through the several years, he said.

in addition to the now deceased woman was, the other three also exposed to violence. The two of them watched the mistreatment of the woman, says the indictment.

Prosecutor Rune Rydik do not want to tell anything about the relationship between the accused and the three injured.

In the course of the trial, about 20 witnesses are examined.

in addition to the defendants on Friday given the opportunity to testify, it is expected that the mother and a friend of the deceased woman to be heard this day, informs the prosecutor.

There are allocated eight court hearings for the case. The verdict is expected 28. april.