– We will pay a high price. But in India human life has far greater value, says prime minister Narendra Modi.

India’s national corona-the decommissioning of the country, which includes 1.3 billion people, will be extended until 3. may. It grants the prime minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday.

the Decision stand, even though millions of poor from the country’s vast underclass have lost jobs and income, without getting any support or help from the government.

Seen from an economic point of view, so we have paid a high price. But in India human life has far greater value, says Modi.

the prime minister stating at the same time, the development in recent days has confirmed that the landscaped path is the right one.

India’s closed society down for three weeks the 25. march. This period is now extended for nearly three additional weeks.

Modi has, however, announced some easing of the restrictions introduced in areas without disease. There will also be new guidelines for industry and agriculture.

The indian government is, like many other of the world’s governments in a dilemma, where the need to avoid huge financial loss – without there being an explosion in the number of Covid-19-cases.

Official figures indicate that countries in south Asia, until now has come through the crisis without major increases in the number of infected. In India it is believed around 10,000 that have become infected. Registered 339 corona-related deaths.

Some experts argue, however, that the real figures for virussygdommen is much higher, and that the authorities do not have the overview, since there has not been enough testing.

Some have expressed deep concern about the risk of explosive increases in the number of corona cases in indian cities, which are among the most densely populated in the world.

the Crisis has led to millions of laborers have lost their jobs. Hundreds of thousands have sought back to their villages – often by being gone hundreds of kilometres.

Some died on the way home, while others have been chased away by local residents. A video clip, which has caused a big stir on social media, shows migrants who are attacked with the chemicals in their former hometown.

In efforts to help the most vulnerable, the authorities in New Delhi arranged for hundreds of thousands of free meals.