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– No, we have planted everything that needs to spira before it can be set out in the field, ” explains Marit Bendz.

They have between anna sown sellerifrø, cabbage, basil and peparrot. To together have they are usually between 40 and 50 different cultivars vegetables in the soil in the course of a season.

Together with Sjur Wie driver ho Vie Andelslandbruk. Where can people buy into the operation. In exchange for 15 dugnadstimar through the season will get them access to fresh vegetables.

– I think it is nice that people come here after a long day of work and get such a calm. Here they shall only luka and not tenka on to something, ” says Sjur Wie.

– The final time has come part new which will be andelsbønder. Interest for the andelslandbruk is increasing both in Norway and in the rest of the world, tell Bendz.

She think it is due to koronaviruset and the situation we’re in now.

– I think people are starting to tenka that sjølvforsyning is a good idea.

Norway’s farmers ‘ union works in the same mindset. They have a goal that we should be more sjølvforsynte.

the SEEDS IN the SOIL: Vie andelslandbruk expected them to be able to hauste the first salatane already in the end of may.

Photo: Benedikte Rough / NRK Opportunity for more Norwegian production

We should have a sjølvforsyningsgrad of over 50 per cent when a claim with figures for both food and animal feed. The worse sjølvforsyningsgrad the greater the risk of food shortages in years of famine or during pandemiar, says Anders Felde, fylkesleiar in Sogn and Fjordane county farmers union.

Despite the goal of increased sjølvforsyning tell him that the degree of sjølvforsyning has gone ever down for a long time.

Kornproduksjonen in this country is not big enough to covered the needs even in good years. We import much we could have produced himself.

the Politicians have still time to make changes that affects the production for this season.

Many of the grønsakene is not yet in the ground. If the politicians want a change of what to produserast have they still the time to make action that affects this season. They may, for example, omdisponera produksjonsavtalar and on a or anna show garantera that the farmers get sold grønsakene they serve.

Positive to kjøkenhage

Felde hope koronaviruset can get people to open the eye for that we increase the need to increase Norwegian food production.

– A increased interest to produsera food yourself is the emphasis positive. It can get american consumers to tenka through the work that lies behind the grønsakene. In addition, people can get an understanding around the challenges with grønsakproduksjon.

NEEDLESS IMPORT: Anders Felde, head of Sogn and Fjordane county farmers union tells that me, among other things, importing over 10,000 tonnes ferdigpizza in the year. He produces it is okay to legga up to a higher sjølvforsyningsgrad about only the politicians, the retail chains and the food goes into it.

Photo: Benedikte Rough / NRK

Though many now make themselves kjøkenhagar is he not worried that the volume will be so large that it goes out of production to the farmer.

Bendz advises people who have the desire to try and serve their own vegetables to just leap in it.

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– Though not all germinated in the year you can try again next year or you can be a member of a andelslandbruk and doctrine. I have learned much of the four-five years we have drive with this.

– Yes, we have space for several, confirm Wie.

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