new York Governor Andrew Cuomo has listed seven requirements that must be met by each of the ten regions of the state that became possible mitigation introduced because of the coronavirus restrictions.

Among the listed Governor Cuomo criteria: the 14-day decrease in the number of hospitalizations or hospitalizations of less than 15 per day; 14-day reduction in the number of deaths due to viral diseases in the hospital, or at least five per day; frequency of new admissions below 2 per 100,000 inhabitants per day; level of available hospital beds for at least 30 percent; at least 30 percent of the beds available in the intensive care unit. According to Cuomo, some parts of the state are likely to reach these thresholds much earlier than others. And some areas, including Central new York and the sparsely populated Northern part of the state, already meet five of the seven requirements.

the city of new York only three criterion necessary for the lifting of restrictions conditions: the number of deaths in hospitals and the number of new hospitalizations has been steadily declining, and every month the town holds a corresponding number of tests.

– half of the States already named the date when they are going to remove restrictions, says General Manager published in new York with the participation of “MK” newspaper “In the New world” Helen BRUSILOVSKY. – We in new York are also gradually going to open up a little bit. Going to conduct mass testing, the government realized that people had more than they thought. To remove the restrictions going on the same model as in Europe, will open one, look at if the wave of infections will not go up, it means that something else will open.

But we have here again divided on political principle. Supporters of the Republicans screaming about the artificial origin of the virus and blaming the Democrats. That Soros funded the laboratory in Wuhan, there was doing experiments, which the United States was prohibited, but under Obama the chief doctor of the country Fauci threw some money, etc.

we Have the same elections are coming, is the finish. Trump was a bet on the economy, but the economy – everything! What now counts on? The fact that the economy has lost because of the Democrats.

Our Governor of new York Cuomo even before the Democrats Bernie Sanders went the distance and ordered quickly to arrange a vote by absentee ballot. And he pushes absentee voting that is scheduled for June primaries no longer because Sanders withdrew his candidacy, one to Biden. But printed full of these absentee ballots and will they fill up all to be able to vote by mail. Turnout in the mail will be much higher than if people were going to vote in your working day. Although what so capletSya in NYC? We do not direct vote. New York- a democratic state, and so it will vote for a Democrat.

in short, all forge the iron is hot. While we sit at home, but the Governor understands that we are still open – they say that new York fully before June will not open. The point is that both parties pull the blanket over himself.

in General we are all at war. There is the city of new York is new York. And, for example, new York mayor bill De Blasio said that close to hell all the pools and beaches, and Governor Cuomo responds that it is his business to open or close. They say, in time of peace is the prerogative of the mayor, and in the “military” is a political issue. We have the adjacent States – new Jersey and Connecticut. And the Governor says that if new Yorkers don’t go to their beaches, they go to the beaches of their neighbors. So they will “overload”. And here the mayor and the Governor are constantly squabbling.

psychologically did any fracture that the disease began to wane?

No. We have canceled school year until September. It is unknown about children’s camps. Although in Israel, for example, children are already allowed in school – though not in tel Aviv. If we will not open the summer camp, the question arises about the return to work of parents. Children will have no one to leave the house. And to pay the sitter for the whole working day – absolutely impossible. And then – where to get them? On the one hand, full of unemployed. But they pay $ 600 plus, and not beneficial to anyone to go to work.

we start a program that will track the contacts of cases. Hire people with medical education, they will work mostly from home. Said that this will be employed 17 thousand people, and for the city of new York hired only a thousand, although the epicenter of the epidemic in new York city! Not too late to track these contacts?

Beaches and we are unlikely to discover – and all sit sour: if the beaches aren’t open, it would be a disaster!

– outside the month of may, being cooped up at all hard. How do you people cope?

– we said that in new York city will close vehicular traffic on the streets for 40 miles – to be able to walk for pedestrians. Mayor De Blasio didn’t want to close, but pushed him. Closed roads and parks to allow more space for walking. Because people unbearable to sit in their little apartments, and parks so tightly Packed that there is no distancing there simply can not be. Again, it’s all the problems of the city. Our city is still easier. I though to myself in the back yard to leave, even to go to the forest.

In stores still people stand in line outside before they’re launched inside?

– the Queues are less. But last ��Adele we have a commotion. On one of the largest meat processing plants there was a flash and began to sound warnings, to buy meat. Not in the sense that it will disappear, but there will be less choice. I sent my husband to the store, and he says he stood in line for two hours, as before, and forty minutes – despite the fact that it was a day off. And the products are all brand on sale there.

In the terrible condition we are in the business. A few weeks lasts this story is from April 3 to help small businesses, but the help goes primarily to big business and corporations. More profitable banks to help large enterprises. Then began to file collective lawsuits against these banks, but these lawsuits can take years.

Small business hyperventilating. What might be the supply of cash at small businesses, for example, if the store? The terrible situation.

Businesses give money, but while he’s waiting for the money, we have to fire half the people. What they pay? And they can even apply for unemployment. If you get a grant, then 75% can be spent on wages – it did to people was not fired. But too late – they’ve already been fired. And there are people who are just not going to get off of unemployment. Here’s an example: there is a company that sewed the backdrops for scenes. When the epidemic began, they said that now you will sew the mask. And how many of the fifty employees left? Seven! People were given the unemployment benefit plus $ 600 lift. Why go to work? Moreover, it is necessary to reach by public transport, it’s scary.

And what to do to taxi drivers? Can you imagine how many new York taxi drivers? They were established to deliver food to the elderly. But first, did what they were it’s not profitable, they just didn’t get their money and so on. Now remade – they will pay $ 53 for a route were taken, say, ten rations and get the money.

Not to say that nothing is being done. But is very slow. There are no “blanks”.

At the same time, authorities are working day and night. Many people have paid unemployment. Quickly hired thousands of people to process applications, and benefits began to come. People have in fact just oxygen ran out of savings no.

But here in Brooklyn caught the guy who stole cheques for compensation from the Federal government ($1,200 per person, 2400 for a couple plus $ 500 per child). He just went and stole checks from the boxes. In his pocket he turned out to be checks on 12 thousand. And how much he actually stole, who knows…

– isn’t that personal checks?

– Nominal, but it’s such a huge flow that the mass failure occurs. Everything to do with electronic methods and work with the problems.

– As hospitals cope with the situation – has become easier or bad?

– In hospitals already allow any non-urgent operations. In upper new York are allowed to do elective procedures. Because people can die from other diseases. But in the ICU it is necessary to leave 30 per cent for patients with coronavirus. And are now starting to encourage people not to be afraid to come to the hospital. Because many die due to the fact that not seek medical help for fear of Contracting coronavirus.

Recall that 22марта entered into force order of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “new York State is paused”. In accordance with the restrictions imposed “non-essential” businesses were ordered to remain closed until may 15.

To coordinate the economic recovery of new York joined the Alliance northeastern States (new Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Rhode island, and Massachusetts).

“Now that we’ve shown that we can smooth out the curve and our efforts to control the spread of the virus are working, we should focus on intelligent, effective plan for the withdrawal of new York with a pause, – said Governor Cuomo last week. The first part of the plan is not to harm, to the best of their ability not to allow this infection to grow and not lose our progress. Secondly, now that we’ve reached some stability in our health system after an extended overload, we will continue to strengthen this system, to increase testing and contact tracing to identify patients and isolate them so they don’t transmit the virus to others. Then we can focus on gradual economic return to a new normality – but we need all these actions occurred simultaneously for our plan to made removed with pause new York to work.”

27 APR Cuomo outlined the structure of new York city after lockdown and noted that Federal guidelines of the Centers for disease control (CDC) says that before the opening of hospitalization in the state and the region should decline over the 14 days.

“We’re going to open again in stages,” said the Governor. According to Cuomo, the first phase will include construction and manufacturing – and especially companies with a low risk. The second stage will largely be used for business analysis, which determines the overall significance and risks of each business in its opening. Cuomo said the state would leave two weeks between phases to be able to control the effects already done.