In the US captain is infected with a coronavirus carrier was removed from office

“Today, under my leadership, the commander of the USS “Theodore Roosevelt”, commander Brett crozier, was dismissed, said Monti at a briefing at the Pentagon. – I have no doubt that captain crozier wanted to do something that, in his opinion, the interests of the safety and well-being of his team. Unfortunately, he did the opposite”. According to Model, captain panicked, which made us nervous the families of the sailors on Board gave information about the capabilities of the ship American opponents.

the Pentagon will classify data about the epidemic of coronavirus in the U.S.

“In my opinion, the release of his command in the interests of the Navy and of the nation at a time when it is necessary that the Navy was strong and confident in the face of adversity,” added the Admiral. Monti said that the White house did not pressure the dismissal of crozier, noting that the Minister of defense mark Esper supported this decision.

chief of the naval control of the Pentagon Admiral Michael Gilday supported the decision Model. “Make no mistake, that supposedly nobody cares about our sailors and those on Board the “Theodore Roosevelt,” said Gilday. – Our sailors deserve the best leadership that we can provide”.

crozier on Tuesday wrote a letter to the Navy, which was obtained and published in the newspaper San Francisco Chronicle. In it he warned of the dire consequences if the majority of the sailors from the “Roosevelt” will not be evacuated. In his letter to crozier in the strongest possible terms was required to evacuate all but 10 percent of the members of the crew of an aircraft carrier, claiming that it is impossible to properly isolate the sailors to stop the growing outbreak of coronavirus. “We’re not at war. Sailors don’t need to die, wrote to crozier. – If we don’t act now, we will not be able to properly care for our most trusted asset – our sailors.”

Photo: EPA-EFE/JUSTIN LANE the Pentagon is preparing to transfer to civil authorities U.S. military bags for bodies

“It’s just not acceptable. He did not care about the consequences, and what he did caused a small panic on the ship,” said Monti.

as of Thursday, the 114 people on Board the “Roosevelt” recorded a positive result on COVID-19. Ship with 4,800 sailors is located in the port of GUAM last week, while the crew checked for the virus. After the leak of the letter crozier, representatives of the Navy announced that by Friday evacuated from the ship 2700 sailors in addition to the thousands of people who had disembarked earlier.

Captain Dan Keeler temporarily in command of the ship, while rear Admiral Carlos Sardiello going to GUAM to take command of the carrier, said Monti.

Democrats in the armed services Committee of the house of representatives criticized the leadership of the naval forces for the dismissal crozier.

“while captain crozier clearly went beyond the submission, his dismissal at this critical moment – when the sailors on the USS Theodore Roosevelt faced with the pandemic COVID-19 – a destabilizing move that likely will put our soldiers at higher risk and jeopardize the readiness of our fleet,” wrote Committee Chairman Adam Smith and the chairmen of the subcommittees, Joe Courtney, John and Jackie Garamendi Speyer in a joint statement, adding that they are very concerned about a chilling effect which the dismissal may be for commanders throughout the Department of defense.