In the United States, the situation has deteriorated with the coronavirus. About record growth of infections per day reported by the authorities of several States. By Thursday a day in the country identified nearly 36 thousand new cases. About the same as was recorded at the peak of incidence COVID-19 in April.

Particularly difficult situation in the American South. Therefore, the authorities of the North-Eastern States of new York, new Jersey and Connecticut have imposed quarantine restrictions for entering a number of southern States, including Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.

“Arriving from the regions, most affected by the pandemic, can bring with it a infection, – said the Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo. We need to see the truth. Denial is not a life strategy.”

According to Cuomo, for violation of the quarantine, visitors will face a fine in the amount of $ 1,000. And at repeated violation – up to $5000. In addition, people coming from these States (including returning residents of new York, new Jersey and Connecticut) will be offered on arrival a 14-day quarantine.

the new York Governor added that the United States will be added in the so-called “quarantine list” or excluded from it depending on the number of new cases per 100 thousand people or the number of positive tests COVID-19.

Such harsh measures, the Governor of new Jersey Phil Murphy called “reasonable step” in the current crisis.

“We led our people through hell and back, and the last thing we need now is to subject them to yet another test,” said Murphy.

America’s top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci advised Americans to observe social distance and said: “plan a – don’t go in the crowd. Plan B – if you are in it, provide a mask.”

the Sad record for coronavirus infection hit California, Florida and Texas. They are home to nearly a third of the population of the United States.

on June 24, health officials in California reported record 7149 new confirmed cases, bringing the total number of patients has exceeded 190 thousand. The Governor of the “Golden state” Gavin Newsom said that over the past two weeks was conducted over a million tests, and about 5% of them tested positive. Now wearing protective masks on the territory of the state became mandatory.

because Of the growing threats COVID-19 Disneyland in California has postponed a scheduled July 17 opening. The company stressed that the resumption of its work must be approved by government officials.

In another southern state, Florida, according to the Department of health, 24 June revealed record 5511 cases infected with coronavirus. Several cities and towns in the state issued their own orders mandating the wearing of masks in public places.

In Texas, the number of infected exceeded 5.5 million. Governor Greg Abbott has warned that the state faced “massive outbreak. In General, concerns about the outbreak in Texas some experts call “apocalyptic”. About the seriousness of the situation speaks such eloquent fact: due to the increasing number of coronavirus patients of the children’s hospital of Texas-Houston started taking adult patients.

Houston, if we fail to reverse the current trend, can expect to bitter laurels of the most affected cities in the US, where the number of cases of coronavirus is the same as in Brazil. Independence Day (July 4), the number of infected in Houston could grow fourfold, experts warn. The number of infections is also growing in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

Another trend in recent days – are increasingly infected young population. Sources new clusters be crowded parties and bars (not coincidentally, the Texas authorities have temporarily suspended the issuance of permits for the sale of alcohol for at least 12 bars, violated safety rules).

Some suggest that could be the result of recent protests, whose participants did not comply with the rules of distancing and did not wear masks. However, other experts claim that mass actions of the movement Black Lives Matter in themselves did not lead to an increase in the incidence of COVID-19 across the country.

Meanwhile, officials of healthcare in Arizona, announced 1795 new patients with coronavirus infection. Now in the state loaded more than 80% of hospital beds in the coming days or weeks, the health system can become overloaded.

the Authorities of South Carolina, Utah, Mississippi against the background of the surge of the pandemic announced the forced quarantine. The Governor of Louisiana John bell Edwards also announced that it plans to release on Thursday, June 25, a new decree, extending the restrictive measures for a further 28 days.

the Flash of the past, not only in the American South. The Governor of Washington Jay Margie reiger also urged all residents to wear face masks in public, after the number of confirmed cases has increased dramatically compared to previous weeks. “We are talking about saving lives, stressed Margie reiger. – We are talking about the resumption of our business. And we are talking about how to show respect and care for each other.”

Meanwhile, the incidence of decreases in 14 us States, including Alaska, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, new Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode island, South Dakota and Vermont.

Now the United States was more 2.3 million cases of coronavirus of a new type, the number of deaths is almost 122 thousand. The United States is far ahead in the list of countries affected by the pandemic COVID-19.