MOSCOW, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. In the state Duma is drafting a bill on criminal punishment till 10 years of imprisonment for minors appeal to mass riots, RIA Novosti member of the Committee of the lower house of Parliament on state construction and legislation, the author of the initiative Yevgeny Marchenko (“United Russia”).

“we Have an article in the Penal code for involvement of minors in antisocial activities (article 151 — ed.). It lists various illegal actions, and I would like to add this article to another wrongful act — the involvement of minors in the demonstrations that it was not an administrative offence and a criminal offence”, — said Marchenko.

under current law, the organizers of the unauthorized rally bear administrative liability for involvement of minors in an inconsistent event under article 20.2, the penalty to 50 thousand roubles for citizens and up to 500 thousand rubles for legal entities. Marchenko explained that this kind of plan to criminalize offenses, removing them from the Cao and adding to the penal code. Changes proposed for article 151 of the criminal code “Involvement of minors in committing antisocial activities”, and article 212 of the criminal code “riots.”

In the disposition 151 of the articles of the plan to include a phrase about the involvement of minors in unsanctioned rallies, and the 212-th article I want to add a new part 1.2 about the involvement of minors in mass riots, accompanied by violence and pogroms, as well as disobeying the lawful demands of representatives of authorities, and part 3.1 of the calls for minors to similar riots.

“People who involve children in protests or riots where riot police and work con children under the responsibility and involve in criminal activities. Now the theme of the meeting seems to be gone — due coronavirus we have no meetings, no legal nor illegal, but it may at any time arise. The organizers of unauthorized rallies are betting on underage youth, because they are the easiest to manipulate,” said Marchenko.

the Deputy noted that the initiative got support among the parents of his constituency (Saint-Petersburg). Under current law, with the participation of minors in illegal demonstrations, the responsibility falls on parents who have to bear the administrative penalty for inadequate execution of parental responsibilities to pay fines. Article 5.35 of the administrative code provides for such cases, the imposition of an administrative fine of 5 thousand rubles when re-offense. In this case tougher penalties for organizers of unsanctioned rallies with the involvement of minors will allow to prevent it, says the legislator.

According to him, the bill is in the final stages of development and will be submitted to the Duma in the spring session of the 2020 will remove restrictions related to the pandemic COVID-19, and the lower house of Parliament will return to normal operation.