the Scientists of the national Park “Land of leopard” in the course of working with archival data from the camera traps have found the Leo 5F leopardess named Dunja and found that she is 17 years old. About this “RG” said the head of Department on work with mass media of the national Park Ivan Cancers.

Dounia first came to the forest objectives of automatic cameras even back in 2003, almost 10 years before the creation of the fgbi “Land of leopard”. Over the years she repeatedly hit the lens fotonovela and brought during this time, several kittens.

Age females significantly exceeds the average scientists estimated the age limit for the subspecies -12 years in the wild. It may become the Foundation for new studies of the leopard.Previously, scientists had only data on three leopards-the aged – Ivan, and Alexei Tolstoy, who lived up to 14-17 years.

Dunja the leopardess called the special representative of the RF President on the issues of environmental activities, environment and transport Sergei Ivanov.

– Life cycles of such duration talking about the obvious success of the protection of the rarest large cats in the world. And, of course, I feel sincere joy in the Dunya – she is great and can serve as a living example of perseverance, worthy of such a majestic beast, – said Sergei Ivanov.