As explained in the office, the highest unemployment was recorded in April, when the index rose 1.1 percent in may the increase of the unemployed was 0.3%, and in June of 0.1%. Thus at the end of the first summer month, according to Rosstat, the unemployment rate stood at 6.2 per cent. The Ministry has specified that today the total number of officially registered unemployed is 3 million people.

the Ministry stressed that the increase in the number of citizens who lost their jobs from April to June, primarily related to the release of employees in the grey sector and the fall in income from business activity: employers could not afford to pay salaries to its employees. However, today, according to an analysis conducted by the research Institute of labour, reduced demand for many specialists. For example, again became popular cashiers, and this is one of the largest professional groups registered with the employment centers. Employers actively recruit transport workers: in June, the demand for drivers exceeded the February figures.

with a simplified remote order of registration at the labour exchange the unemployed were more likely to seek help in finding employment in the employment centers, the press service of the Ministry of labor, which States that the applicant will need to submit an application and resume on the portal “Work in Russia”. So, if in the beginning of the year only one fifth of unemployed citizens officially registered as unemployed, now supported by the state about 60% of unemployed citizens.

“the Improvement in the labour market and recovery in consumer demand will lead to gradually restore the level of real monetary incomes of the population”, – concluded the Agency.