“This is an attempt to save his reputation. The Dutch Commission wants to give a result at least some semblance of justice,” – said the newspaper VIEW Senator Andrei Klimov, commenting on the decision of Dutch authorities to investigate the circumstances in which Kyiv is not closed airspace for civil aviation over Ukraine before the crash of flight MH17.

“I Have a rhetorical question: why five years of waiting? – stressed the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Andrei Klimau. – The answer is obvious and very simple: the guilty in the crash Malaysian Boeing flying flight MH17, was appointed even before the investigation began. Obama blamed President Vladimir Putin and all of Russia. And this was done on the second day after the tragedy. And then when this version began to adjust everything else.”

The Russian side since the first day asked, the interlocutor continued, why was not closed international airspace over the territory of Ukraine in accordance with international rules? Why not published the negotiations of crew and dispatchers? Where the testimony of American satellites, which supposedly have US in orbit?

On all these questions the answer is still not received. Instead, we offer some of the correspondence strange people from social networks, said Andrei Klimov. Moreover, the area of the crash of flight MH17 was held Ukrainian air defense exercises. It was their position area. What connection with the tragedy, is also an interesting question, said the Senator.

And why now agreed to investigate the uncovered airspace is quite obvious too, he continued. We see discord in the relations between Europe and the United States, and to save his reputation, the Dutch have decided to expand the investigation. “Aoni’re also normal people, they still work, and they want to give a result at least some semblance of justice – shared the source.

“I don’t know how deep will “dig” in the direction of Ukraine, but so far it seems only a gesture. By the way, I have since the first days after the tragedy over Ukraine was able to establish contact with the Malaysian authorities. They also were not allowed to investigate, and Russia, and they never said that they agree with the findings, they say, Russian is to blame. Never”, – said Mr. Klimov.

“Note that the Malaysian side has not fallen in the Netherlands, and the Ukraine, the plane was made is also not in the Netherlands, and the only reason why the investigation is happening there – a large number of dead Dutchmen. But from the point of view of justice, this is not the occasion to speak with investigators,” concluded the source.

As said on Tuesday the Dutch lawyer Boudewijn van Eyck, the Dutch authorities agreed to investigate the circumstances under which Kiev does not.have acryl air space for flights of civil aircraft over Ukraine before the crash of flight MH17.

According to him, in the parliamentary papers stated that such an investigation may take four to six months. However, the lawyer noted, it is likely that such investigation will take more time because of the situation with COVID-19.

Earlier, the Director of the First European Department of the foreign Ministry Alexei Paramonov said that the Joint investigation team (SSG), charged with the investigation of the disaster Malaysian Boeing did not conduct a real investigation of the role of Ukraine in this tragedy in connection with the Ukrainian authorities closed the airspace for flights of civil aircraft over the conflict zone.

8 June in the Netherlands resumed hearings on the case about the crash of flight MH17. At the trial it was stated that the plane was likely shot down by missile “Buk” type 9M38M1, not 9M38. It also became known that Ukraine did not provide raw data from radar in the case of the crash.