In the Czech Republic celebrate Easter online

There are only two days in the year when all the churches – from majestic cathedrals of Prague to the modest village temples filled with parishioners: Christmas and Easter. But on 12 April, the day of Easter Sunday, this tradition, perhaps for the first time in the last hundred years have been violated. In connection with the ongoing quarantine required by Canon rituals were conducted without the presence of believers, they were aired by TV channels and the Internet.

In Israel celebrate Passover in terms of quarantine

were Cancelled Saturday’s solemn Liturgy, but the inhabitants of many houses put up in their Windows Easter candles, responding to the call of the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church in Bohemia and Moravia.

on Saturday in each of the Czech house was covered Easter table – this custom has been observed, since all the grocery stores and just in recent days, they have experienced a large influx of buyers.

Easter online has generated the believers and the Ministers of the Church many new questions. Can modern technology to help in long-term isolation of people? For example, whether to count attendance at the service, if the person was watching her on Skype? Is it possible to confess to the priest on the phone? Or prepare with the help of the Internet to the sacrament of baptism?

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS Russian Orthodox Church advises the congregation for the Holy week and Easter to pray at home

the Easter holidays will continue until April 13, but on Monday to attend service in the churches was no longer required. But in this day, everywhere was noisy festivities. Alas, now this part of the Easter celebration for the Czechs is unavailable. Strict quarantine here extended until the end of April. The situation of infected and sick here is better than in many other European countries, but the government is in no hurry with cmAghanim measures. Small concessions made only about wearing masks: they now do not have to apply to people with some specific diseases, drivers of public and private transport, the perpetrators Jogging or Cycling.

Although it has caused a flurry of criticism from those medical professionals and officials, who firmly stands behind it, to eliminate any possibility of the spread of coronavirus.