In the Crimea will prolong the regime of self isolation

The authorities of the Crimea during the may holidays because of the coronavirus will continue to antirebate and will be obliged to isolate themselves all the tourists coming to the Peninsula from other regions of Russia, said the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov on Tuesday on air of TV channel "Russia-24".

To prevent the spread of coronavirus in the region has ordered all citizens to leave their homes without the pressing need until April 30. From 9 April, all arriving to Crimea from other regions of Russia should isolate themselves for 14 days, and in the absence of conditions for the isolation they will go to the Observatory. Aksyonov on Monday asked residents of other regions of the Russian Federation to refrain from traveling to the Peninsula in the background of the situation with coronavirus.

"All newcomers will be required to sign a at the airport or the Golden gate bridge that they will be in voluntary isolation for 14 days at a specific address and phone number so we can verify their location", – said Aksenov, asked the host whether he feared the inflow of tourists on may holidays.

The head of Crimea noted that most infected with the coronavirus in the Peninsula arrived in the Crimea from other regions.

"the Crimea, which depends on the holiday season, forced to stay in isolation mode, it’s our only chance to prevent the spread of the epidemic. For the holiday season, the prospect is vague, no guarantees are given. Of course, now we will gradually allow you to work different areas but compliance with measures of epikentros," he said.

In the Crimea because of the pandemic of a new type of coronavirus until June 1 suspended the booking and accommodation in hotels and sanatoria and health resorts, and April 2 is limited entry on the Crimean bridge to all but residents of the region and Russian citizens who have property on the Peninsula. According to the estimates of the Crimean authorities, in April-may 2020 the number of tourists to the region could decrease by 950 thousand.