Aldi Süd is testing checkouts in Germany where customers can scan and pay for their goods themselves. In a branch in Cologne, however, the concept does not seem to work. Aldi is closing the self-scanner checkouts there again. The reason: Too much was stolen.

An Aldi Süd branch in the Niehl district of Cologne is already closing the recently opened self-scanner checkouts. As the Cologne “Express” reports, this has a simple reason: the customers have stolen too much. It is said that baked goods in particular were often cheated. In particular, young people from the nearby schools often packed more baked goods than they paid for, the “Express” quoted an anonymous witness as saying.

As the newspaper continues to write, Aldi Süd does not provide any precise information on how many thefts there were and how high the damage caused is. However, it should be higher than the cost advantage of the new cash registers.

Aldi Süd is currently testing the self-scanner checkouts at 30 locations in Germany. The cash registers theoretically have two advantages. The company saves cashiers and customers move faster. In the USA, such cash registers have been common for a long time.

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