Mentally fast forward to Paris. Saw Notre Dame Cathedral and the Invalides, the Orsay Museum? On the roofs of these sites and thousands other buildings in live bees. They appeared for a reason: beeswax since ancient times, gathered Church, and on the roofs of offices and museums, the bees began to breed in the twentieth century to rescue insects from chemical treatments fields. The honey made the city “the toilers”, sold in the Museum shops for 10-15 euros for a souvenir jar.

And now back to Moscow. Of course, the climate is colder, transport more, but spring and summer is a riot of flowers that the bees have a place to fly. Looking at the overseas experience of a resident of the city three years ago, brought from the garden hive and put it on your balcony on the 6th floor of 12-storey panel house on the street Nelidovsky. It the actor of theatre “the Orange sky” Andrew Kozarski, fascinated by beekeeping for eight years. “The neighbors bees do not annoy, otherwise would have complained, says “RG” Andrew Kozarski. On the balcony I always open a window opposite the hole through which the bees fly out of their home. Just in the hive lives 60 thousand bees. They know the way to your house, therefore, on other balconies do not fly, they are even in my rooms there. They have nothing to do. But just to be safe, when I open the hive, be sure to wear protective clothing with mesh and use a special “smoker” in the form of a teapot with an accordion. This device admits a directed smoke, which desorientiert bees. They believe the fire started, and the last thing think to sting me. By the way, city bees, in contrast to the country almost never bite”.

According to him, the discomfort from a bit of bees: to walk, feed and brush is not necessary. And the big benefit – we get the honey improves the immune system. Says the actor, last year he slipped from the balcony of 25 kg of honey. But before you eat it, took it to the city lab for review. “Experts have certified that safe honey, and the pollen in it from the willow. I ate all winter and friends were treated to,” the beekeeper.

As told “RG” the Deputy head of the HPBW “Mospeada” Vera Strukova, a novice beekeeper to have bees on the balcony is not recommended. Before buying bees and ammunition, it is necessary to invite the representative of Committee of veterinary science of Moscow to review the situation and issue a special permit. Then the vet examines bees and produces a veterinary certificate – one for the whole family. “Bees can become carriers of dangerous for people with diseases, parasites, bacterial and infectious diseases, says Strukov. – Therefore, with the periodicity you need to process them from the varroa mite. Neighbors also need to agree in advance.” However, the experts recommend to choose for breeding apiary locations, at least minimally distant from residential buildings.

St��okowa noted that the novice beekeeper is best to look after the apiary mentor and then to have his bees. The cost of bees, hives and equipment are quite reasonable – about 15 thousand rubles, and buy it all online. Experts believe that after the online course Mospeada to the city apiaries are. As told in the Botanical garden of MSU “Aptekarsky ogorod”, and here just completed a course about urban beekeepers, from thousands of listeners were a dozen enthusiastic. Judging by their questions, they are seriously thinking about honey, though not with a view of the Eiffel tower, but its no sugar and dyes.


the Largest number of urban apiaries in France, only in Paris there are more than a thousand. A little less in Germany, England and Japan.

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