In terms of coronavirus is the construction of the Rzhev memorial

Andrew, in which mode are you currently working on yourself? On remote, like most Muscovites?

Andrei Korobtsov: to Work on remote does not work. We’re on the homestretch! Therefore, observing all the precautions most of the time I still spend on the construction site. You have now just caught mom in the Tver region.

And at what stage now work?

Andrei Korobtsov: my colleagues and I – those who from the beginning helped to work on the project, whom you have often met in the Studio – working finish sculpture of a Soldier. There are three unfinished layer, now comes the sanding, finishing seams and tinted glass. Then cover everything with wax. It preserves the patina and bronze, and the figure of the Soldier will not be long to darken. We are currently on schedule and planned to complete all work on time.

Photo: In Minsk memorial Church transferred the land from the fighting near Rzhev

When we were at a construction site about six months ago, erection of the figure of the Soldier has been completed and the cranes only planned to fix. How is it today?

Andrei Korobtsov: All bronze parts already on the frame, all mounted. The cranes were well treated at the factory where they were cast, so working with them will have little tinting and waxing.

What is happening in construction? Sorry, the Webcams don’t work…

Andrei Korobtsov: Construction is in full swing. Almost all of the work in its final phase. Completed design elements of the input group, all the leaves korenovskii steel, which bear the names of thousands of red army soldiers killed near Rzhev. In the area for NEAogene flowers at the foot of the mound is set a wreath with the words from a poem by Alexander Tvardovsky “I was killed near Rzhev”: “We have fallen for their country, but she is saved.” Completed exterior work in the Museum pavilion. In the final stage of internal finishing works, the filling of the Museum.

recently delivered navigation – pointers for the entire territory of the Memorial complex, will install them. Completed the beautification of the area, workers planted trees, put the lawn. By April 15 all work must be completed in full.

now You can see the almost finished version of the complex. Happy with the results?

Andrei Korobtsov: Yes. It seems to me that everything in life has turned out even better than planned. I now, in fact, the first time I see the sculpture in full growth. We’ve fashioned it from three pieces, so was the fear of stitches in the joints of these parts. But everything came together better than I expected. Processing also came not so much work as we originally thought. And the entire invoice is matched with what we were doing. I am very happy with the result. It remains to wait for the official opening of the memorial.

Dossier “Union”

the Idea of the monument dedicated to the heroes of the battle for Rzhev protrusion in 1942-1943, was born to the veterans of the great Patriotic war and was highly supported by the Permanent Committee of the Union state, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian military historical society. In the summer of 2017 has been declared the international competition on the best monument, its organizers are the Russian military-historical society, the standing Committee of the Union state and the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. For consideration were submitted 32 projects from Moscow, Belgorod, Bryansk, Irkutsk, Wedge, Novosibirsk, Kaliningrad and Belarus. In may 2018 was declared the winning project. The authors – sculptor Andrei Korobtsov and architect Konstantin Fomin.

the memorial to Soviet soldiers createdischarges on public donations, to contribute to the creation of a memorial everyone can. The fundraiser is organized on the website Currently collected more than 509 million rubles.