Ten times more than has usually been given notice of termination in Sweden in march, where 36.800 have got the message.

It is not only at home, and rising unemployment during the coronaudbruddet. The same trend is also seen in neighbouring Sweden.

In march is 36.800 swedes announced that a firing is lurking.

And it is the highest figure ever, informs analysechef in Arbetsförmedlingen Annika Sundén at a news conference, according to news agency TT.

She compares among the second century with the development during the financial crisis.

In the autumn of 2008 during the financial crisis was the so far highest number measured. It was then 20.000 notice of termination in the worst month.

Usually the figure is about 3000 a month. But just last week got 18.422 persons notified that they risk losing their jobs.

Director general of Arbetsförmedlingen Maria Mindhammar points out, however, that omens on the termination not always lead to layoffs.

We know also that the government has a powerful package now to save jobs in Sweden, she says, according to TT.

She stresses, however, that it is completely safe, that there’s going to be an increase in unemployment in Sweden.

It is at its worst in the hospitality sector. Nearly half of all alerts on the termination comes from this industry. This is the result the majority reported in and around the capital, Stockholm.

In the last week reported 14.200 as a person seeking work in Sweden, and the week before did 12.100 the same.

There are currently 211.000 registered unemployed in Sweden. At the same time in 2019 was the figure of 180,000.

In Denmark, is the flow towards arbejdsløshedskøen lied over the weekend. It has happened after a period of two weeks, where the unemployment rate grew by three to four times as much as the recent years.