want to banned Despite corona crisis and Assembly the extreme left-wing scene in Berlin with their protests on 1. May hold on to. Whether it is how often in the past few decades, this also includes the usual great Demonstration, but it is still open and must now be comprehensively discussed. The call for the “preparatory group of this year’s Demonstration 1. May in Friedrichshain” in a call to the Internet. “Not the police, not the Senate of Berlin and the Federal government decides whether or not the 1. May in Berlin is taking place, but we ourselves.”

demonstrations only, “if there is appropriate restraint”

at the same time, they emphasize, a great Demonstration on 1. May be only possible “when there is a corresponding restraint”. The risk of Infection be aware of. In everyday life, while shopping or at work, no guarantee is given, not to infect. The conclusion of the organizers: “If we on 1. May should go together on the road, we will protect ourselves, and that means we will be wearing protective masks and gloves.”

protests against the climate crisis, oppression, housing shortages, and the situation of the people outside of the EU are necessary, and on many levels imaginable, it was said: “Demos, remote, actions, and balconia”. Actually, the large Demonstration was important because the state is otherwise “in the comfortable position of being able” to govern not only without parliamentary Opposition, but also without criticism from the street, and resistance.

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Until the 19th century. April demonstrations are at least

It is forbidden to go in addition to fears for the future: “From a certain point of acceptance in the population, is not a state which is now implemented mechanisms.” This includes Surveillance, facial recognition cameras and curfews were later.

By the infection protection act are up to 19. April, banned in Berlin as well as all the demonstrations. The police, already some protest rallies and demonstrations of the past two weekends. It is expected that many provisions to contain the Corona of a pandemic on the 19. April will also be extended. This could affect especially large-scale events. The big street festival Myfest on 1. Of may in Kreuzberg was already cancelled.

conflicts with the police

threaten the organizers Should actually try a Demonstration, that would be a conflict with the police, probably. Many of the radical left 1. May-demonstrations in previous years, there were outbreaks of violence, throwing stones at the police and some serious riots. In the past few years, violence decreased significantly.

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