The explosive Neuer interview with the “SZ” and “The Athletic” is currently making the headlines in the Bundesliga. While many fans, media and experts criticize the five-time world goalkeeper’s public criticism of Bayern, the FCB captain also has support.

DFB colleague Kevin Trapp said: “I know from my own experience that the relationship between goalkeeping coach and goalkeeper is very close. This is not only an employment relationship, but also a private friendship. I can imagine that it’s not nice for Manu,” he explained to “Sky”.

However, the Eintracht professional was reticent about the way Neuer voiced his criticism of the sacking of goalkeeping coach Toni Tapalovic: “It’s his business, but if he felt he had to get rid of it, then so be it. That’s Manu’s thing.”

From the point of view of Gladbach professional Christoph Kramer, the incident is exaggerated too much, especially in the media: “For today, when you can’t really say anything anymore, when everyone is thirsting for someone to say something that isn’t 100 percent is in the row, of course that brings food.”

Neuer’s former national team colleague is certain that the issue will resolve itself in the foreseeable future: “I think that in six months nobody will be talking about it anymore.”

Kramer himself can certainly understand that Neuer has taken a public stand on this: “I’m a fan of the fact that if you have something on your mind […] that it will also be addressed. And if you feel it’s right to do it publicly, then you have to do it.”

This article was written by Vjeko Keskic

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