On the Bundeswehr training ground in Gardelegen near Saxony-Anhalt, twelve soldiers were injured in a serious accident on Wednesday, one of them seriously. According to a Bundeswehr spokesman, two Puma infantry fighting vehicles collided.

In a serious accident involving two Puma infantry fighting vehicles, twelve soldiers were injured on Wednesday at the Bundeswehr Combat Training Center in Saxony-Anhalt (GÜZ). One of them suffered serious injuries, a Bundeswehr spokesman confirmed to FOCUS online.

The seriously injured man was taken to hospital in a rescue helicopter. The other injured soldiers received medical care at the scene of the accident. As FOCUS learned online, the two vehicles collided at high speed during a combat exercise.

It is said that no foreign soldiers were involved in the exercise. According to a spokesman, all of the injured were members of the Bundeswehr. The soldiers belong to a unit from Munster in Lower Saxony. According to the Bundeswehr, the military police carried out investigations into the course of the accident and the possible causes, which were initially unclear. The GÜZ near Gardelegen is a central army training center for the Puma infantry fighting vehicle.

When asked, the spokesman further confirmed that there was no accident on the training ground in Munster, Lower Saxony. Corresponding media reports are wrong.

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD), who was visiting troops in Augustdorf in Westphalia, was concerned by the incident. He expresses his condolences to the injured and wishes a speedy recovery, he told journalists.

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