the state Duma and the Cabinet of the National parent Committee (NSC) was proposed to introduce a temporary additional allowance for mothers and single fathers. According to the Chairman of the RNC Irina Volynets, parents raising children alone, left unprotected social group, while many families with children receive a series of payments against the background of crisis.

the national parents ‘ Committee (NRC) has proposed to introduce a temporary additional allowance for mothers and fathers raising children alone. The initiative sent to the state Duma and the government. It is reported RT with reference to the Chairman of the RNC Irina Volynets.

She noticed that the due pandemic coronavirus in the country in a difficult economic situation. While families with children of different ages, the state has allocated funds for benefits single parents remain unprotected social group, said Volynets.

“I Ask you to provide monthly compensation single mothers and fathers-single to the end of the current year the rate of not less than two subsistence minimums per family member”, — is spoken in the address.

Volynets also said that all existing benefits and allowances for this category of parents needs to be fully preserved. The status of the mother or single dad provides the ability to get some preferences, such as incentives for communal, double tax deduction on income. You can also enroll a child in a kindergarten out of turn. In Moscow, there is a regional increase: for single parents with children up to 3 years of payments amount to 15 thousand rubles, from 3 to 18 years of age — 6 thousand rubles. However, to obtain these benefits, they need to align social services that is not all moms on maternity leave can find the time and energy.

the Benefit is awarded at double the rate if a woman is not officially open. Thus, in Moscow in accordance with the regional Supplement to the pension of the child and the mother is 19 500 rubles on each.

At the beginning of the month, NRC also proposed to introduce a measure of support for single-parent families — Committee offered to compensate alimony, unpaid children because of job loss one of the parents in the period of self-isolation. The corresponding address is also sent to the state Duma and in the name of the Prime Minister Michael mishustina.

According to the Chairman of the Committee, should take into account that the citizens who have to pay child support could lose some income or even losing their jobs. To support families from this group, Irina Volynets proposed to temporarily offset the amount needed by the state.

“I Ask you to develop the rules of payment of compensation for unpaid child support during the period of the regime of Samothraceand from means of the Federal budget with subsequent recovery from the defaulters,” — noted in circulation the RNC.

In early may, President Vladimir Putin has taken a number of measures to support families with children on the background of the difficult economic situation in the country. In particular, it is suggested for every month quarantine (April to June) to pay on 5 thousand roubles to all families with children under the age of 3 years and half of the subsistence minimum for children from 3 to 7 years from low-income families. For 3 thousand roubles on each minor child can get a family where the parents have temporarily lost work.

the President also instructed to enter a one-time payment of 10 thousand rubles for each child from 3 to 16 years and to double the minimum sum for the care of the first child up to six years — with 3 375 751 rubles to 6 rubles. June 1, the Pension Fund of Russia has transferred the first payment for children under 16 years — the total amount of the charges amounted to 146 billion roubles. On 12 June the government approved a law increasing the minimum size of childcare allowance for the first child, and also increased the amount of subsidies to Russian regions to ensure payments for children aged 3 to 7 years.