“This version is untenable for even the most inveterate Russophobia,” — said the newspaper VIEW, Senator Franz Klintsevich, commenting on the statement of former national security Advisor to ex-US President Barack Obama Susan rice about the Russian involvement in the unrest in the United States.

“I still to this statement said that the Americans will necessarily translate serious problem for us that the Russians had prepared everything that happens in the United States, to the extent that the policeman was our agent”, said a member of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich.

Former national security Advisor to ex-US President Barack Obama, Susan rice have suspected Russia of “involvement in riots” in the United States. However, she said that making such inferences based on “own experience”, because lately she’s not familiar with the intelligence information.

“the United States tried through indirect people who were in power informed, to introduce and prove the new version. But it is untenable for even the most notorious Russophobes. No country in the world for any money so to blow up the public opinion impossible. In the United States has matured, the environment, conditions and circumstances,” he stressed.

According to him, such behaviour threatens the campaign for the election of the President of the United States questioned the chances of not only current head of state Donald trump, and Democratic candidate Joseph Biden.

“In the United States will pomusorit a bit this topic, but to continue will not. Even journalists with paid positions will understand that it would look ridiculous given the urgency of the protest. You cannot bring the focus on outside intervention, without solving social problems. The country has a serious economic crisis and the 36 million unemployed”, — said the source.

VZGLYAD talked in detail about the riots in the United States, which started after the death of a detainee by the police in Minneapolis African American George Floyd.

Klintsevich added that police US (whose actions were the direct reason for the riots) is characterized by a sense of exceptionalism, arrogance and arrogance from the point of view of ignoring common sense, psychology, human qualities, and the enormous critical situation related to the economy.

“Our police officers on their background — just the kindergarten teachers, who are calling for discipline, do it politely and tolerant, slightly threatening finger,” said the Senator.