The head of the Union of journalists of Russia, TV presenter Vladimir Solovev has devoted part of his show on YouTube what happened on June 27 conflict with the participation of Ksenia Sobchak in Sredneuralskaya convent, reports "Uralinformbjuro".

"Sobchak as-that has not worked this week. Broke my nose, went to the women’s monastery, and there came under the hand. I love this party "ravnokonechnogo" […]How many insults of the Church was from Sobchak, it is necessary to look for more. It is strongly insulted the feelings of believers, and then she decided to go for hot. Let’s see what happened", – said Vladimir Solovyov.

"Where is the serious man, bright, with a big criminal past (Abbot Sergius). And she decided to make a film about beating novices", – said the journalist.

According to Xenia Sobchak, she came to the convent to remove the last part of the movie in the cemetery with the participation of the former novice, who was allegedly beaten in childhood. However, nuns and supporters of father Sergius not happy was the meeting with the crew. In the showdown, according to Sobchak, the operator received a broken brush. Very telediva allegedly pushed one of the nuns from which she has fallen.

"I really feel sorry for Ksenia Anatolievna. Because she understands that in Moscow and St. Petersburg – she Sobchak, and there is no one. These people no matter what her communications. In principle, the actions of those people can become a reason for initiation of criminal proceedings", – said Vladimir Solovyov.

"She looks weird because she has problems with the nose. In principle, the fact that a journalist has the right to just pick up and go to the monastery, you need the permission" – commented well-known figure of the media.

Meanwhile the police recorded a statement Sobchak about the attack. In turn, in the diocese of Yekaterinburg asked the journalists not to appear on the territory of the monastery in Sredneuralsk.

It is worth Recalling that the second meeting of the ecclesiastical court over shehurina took place on 26 June. Father Sergius did not attend the hearing, calling the proceedings a show. The priest was suspended from the service after the denial of the coronavirus. Also he was forbidden to wear a pectoral cross. However, the former Confessor of the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya continues to communicate with his flock, including those with calls to YouTube.