Before the opening of navigation from Novospassky pier to pier Business centre held a parade of ships. It was attended by about twenty boats from vintage to modern.

On the deck of the first ship was a brass band. Other passenger vessels participating in the parade were empty, maintaining their “social” distance.

As said before the opening parade, the captain of the Moscow basin of inland waters Mr Stormin, in normal years, from 24 April to 24 June, the transport ships are already 470 thousand passengers, of which 85 percent of the pleasure fleet.

“this year, we only open the navigation,” says Mr Sturman. According to the Deputy head of the GBU Gormost Arthur Lazina, of 150 vessels registered in the capital region have been accredited, tested and implemented all the necessary recommendations only 106 of ships belonging to the 40 owners. “This year, opened and repaired to navigation pier 41, they are fully prepared for the start of the season, the marking of social distance, put signs reminding you to wear a mask and gloves, – told “RG” Lazin. – To carry passengers will not only in the center but on the South of the city, for example, in Brateevo, Marino, Kolomenskoye. A number of vessels cruising will be around Troitse-Lykovo – Silver pine forest”.

According to Lazina, in this season in conjunction with the Department of transportation has started work to change the quality and safety of the piers. “We plan to make a uniform standard of quality and safety capital berths: supplying sheds, benches, small architectural forms, says Lazin. – While there is pre-preparation, but in the future, the passengers will celebrate the new berths. Do not rule out that some of them will have to increase in this applies, in particular, the dock of the Kiev railway station – one of the most popular places of landing for passengers”.

Walking a pleasure craft will be on the schedule, the ticket price remains the same as last year. To put on the ships will be only in masks and gloves, each measuring inlet temperature. After each flight the ship will be disinfected. Due to restrictions imposed by Rospotrebnadzor for the Seating of passengers with regard to the maintenance of social distance, the bright river buses with panoramic roof famous brand this year came only for the parade, and the trails they leave. As explained “RG” the owner of the flotilla in the South of the city and the President of the Moscow Association of shipowners Sergei Evdokimov, these buses were cramped Seating, to go uploaded by one-third their owner considered unprofitable. “I have my three boat in the Kolomna – Marino will start, they will walk everyday – says Sergey EEvdokimov. Despite the lack of tourists, I think that the flights will be popular: many locals on the boats reach the Park of the 850 anniversary of Moscow. And in this day, spend the evening on the river going back.”