In India to disperse people from the streets and used tear gas

Unexpectedly introduced by authorities, the isolation has led to the fact that hundreds of thousands of people who arrived to work in large cities such as new Delhi and Mumbai, were left without work. Now they, and many with families, trying to return to their homes. However, the transport in India in terms of quarantine is not working, and the task of the police – any way to clear the streets settlements, to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country with a population of 1.3 billion people. As insulation points for patients already plan to use rail cars.

30 March, about 500 workers in the city of Surat in Western India, remaining after the imposition of quarantine without pay, clashed with police, demanding that they were allowed to return to their homes. The police replied that this was impossible, because the transport is not running and asked the crowd to disperse. However, they reacted aggressively and started pelting law enforcement with stones. In response, the police used tear gas, dispersing the crowd and detaining 93 people.

Photo: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images In Iran for a day revealed more than 3 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus

In Uttar Pradesh a large group of workers sat on the ground and began to pour disinfectant from the hoses. The video of this widely dispersed on social networks, and sparked outrage in the community.

Also a very negative reaction to the case, when the police in West Bengal was clubbed to death the man came out to buy milk.

In the state of Haryana, local authorities are discussing the possibility to convert temporary prison indoor stadiums and other similar structures to contain there violators of the quarantine.

In the city of Meerut in the North of the country the police photographs do not comply with the isolation with signs “I am a friend of the coronavirus” and publish pictures on Twitter.

Prime Minister Narendra modi on March 29, apologized to his countrymen for tough measures. In particular, he apologized to the poor. “The poor people may think that is this Prime Minister so that causes them so much trouble… But we’ve already taken so many steps… that will allow India to win the coronavirus,” said modi in his address.

According to the statements of the Ministry of health of India, at present we know about 1 071 cases of coronavirus and 29 died. However, doctors fear that an overcrowded country will face in the coming weeks, a massive surge of the disease, which would jeopardize the entire health care system. At the moment, Indian doctors required at least 38 million masks and 6.2 million sets of protective suits.

on March 26, the government of India have announced the stimulus plan in the amount of 22.6 billion dollars, which includes the direct distribution of money to the poorest.