In France abolished final exams

the Reason for the extraordinary step clear: quarantine due to a raging epidemic in the country COVID-19, which, as we believe, will last until the end of April, but may be renewed. This means that 740 of thousands of French high school students will become owners of the certificates (or will not) based on their average performance for the year. The exception is made only for one discipline – French oral. This exam will have to pass, most likely in late June.

Photo: AP France is allowed to spend on the street no more than one hour close to home

In the calculation of take estimates, the graduates received for two quarters, and the results of the third (January – March) only partially, if, as hoped by the Minister of education Jean-Michel Blanker, classes will resume on may 4th. If not, then assess the third quarter, and the final fourth will remain with the Board. However, as promised by the Blanker will be taken into consideration the diligence and motivation of students (or lack thereof) manifested in the “udalenka” that will have to witness their teachers. Studious and diligent, the average score will increase, lazy – lower. It is clear that this Ministerial remarks a clear goal: the guys continue to work, not relax. To determine which of the graduates to be with the shield, and who on the Board will be a special Committee of teachers and representatives of the Ministry of education. Graduates who have not received a passing GPA, you will have to retake the exams in the normal conditions in late July or in September.


Irina Abankina, Director of the Institute of education development HSE:

the educational System of France is fundamentally different from ours. They have high school is already counted as undergraduate, and then trained at the University is based on adding years of education – bachelor “plus 1,” the bachelor “plus 2”. Students are freely gain these courses and build your own educational program. Therefore, the transfer occurs in accordance with the statements of high school students and their educational achievements in school subjects during recent years. The training is usually free of charge.

we Have a different system, and enrollment occurs on the basis of the exam. If you cancel it we will destroy the motivation of graduates towards the end of the school year, will lose the benchmark for enrollment in universities Photo: the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation/ Minister of education answered the question of whether to cancel Egana competitive basis.

Anzor Muzaev, the acting head of Rosobrnadzor:

– Coronavirus will ever end, but an objective system of admission to universities and colleges should remain. If you cancel the exam, we can come to a situation where graduates EN masse will bring to universities and colleges certificates with excellent grades. In this case, to foster campaign? Will collapse: the risks are that the guys who honestly show a high knowledge on the subject, will be left without a budget. We can’t let that happen. A good example: last year entered into force the provision that the certificate with distinction, you need to confirm the high points of unified state examination on Russian and mathematics. And once such quality certificates has become 25% less!

Oxana Reshetnikova, Director of Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements:

– the Unified state exam is intended to be selected for study at the University the most prepared students. The validity of the results of the exam – chefour years. We can not put at a disadvantage graduates of the current year and graduates past and future years.