In China predicted second wave of the epidemic of the coronavirus

According to him, which leads portal re-flash is expected in November. However, it will cause much less harm because countries have already acquired the necessary experience in dealing with the coronavirus.

Photo: REUTERS China sent to Russia a group of experts to combat COVID-19

the confidence of the expert that the world is waiting for the second wave, based on the fact that the virus is in countries in South America, Africa, Southeast Asia that do not have such opportunities as the United States or EU members. The as will develop in them the situation with coronavirus, in General, depends on the success of anti-COVID-19.

“At present, the pandemic has reached a critical stage. On a global scale Europe and the United States are unable to bring the situation under control. However, in Africa, South America and India, i.e. countries with less developed economy and insufficient resources, new cases COVID-19 has increased exponentially, creating greater uncertainty in the global fight against the epidemic,” said Zhang Wenchun.

At the same time, he noted that the epidemic of coronavirus in Europe and the United States is approaching its peak. Can these countries cope with the crisis for three or four months. “But after that comes the second wave,” – said the expert.

Photo: iStock Chinese scientists have talked about the new symptoms coronavirus

In his opinion, success in the fight against infection depends on the approach of the authorities of individual countries to the testing COVID-19. There, gde this is done EN masse and many people with mild symptoms are placed in quarantine, the overall mortality rate will be much lower than there, priority is given to patients in critical condition.

Zhang Wenjun also said that China is now the situation is under control. At the same time earned the newly enterprises must ensure that employees comply with social distance, wore masks, washed their hands. These measures, according to experts, will allow if not to prevent, at least weaken the the second wave of coronavirus.